Pittsburgh Dad Pittsburgh Dad is a hilarious new web series from Chris Preksta that pokes fun at the way we talk in this tahn. The Mercury Men creator recently put out the first episode starring Curt Wootton as the dad. Damn, Curt got the Pixburgh accent down pat! After all, he is a native Pittsburgher now working in Hollywood. Just goes to show, you can take the yinzer outta the Burgh but you can’t take the Burgh outta the yinzer.

No I ain’t turnin da air conditioner on, it ain’t dat hot. The fans are blowin. I tell yous what, you get some freeze pop down the freezer. Lets go.

Boring Pittsburgh got an exclusive sneak peak at the next clip (with Aaron Klieber) and it’s even funnier than the first one! Follow @Pittsburgh_Dad on twitter for updates and funny tweets in Pittsburghese. If twitter moves too quickly for yinz guys, how bout yous try’n find the show on facebook instead.

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