Michael Warbux - Pittsburgh vlogger and #BurghVerified!

Michael Warbux: Pittsburgh vlogger and #BurghVerified!

We’ve been wanting to do a post about local vloggers for a while, then Michael Warbux gave us a good reason by sporting a #BurghVerified tee in a viral episode about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

There aren’t many out there (and it might take a bit of searching to hunt them down), but Pittsburgh does have vloggers. No, not bloggers, vloggers with a V. It stands for video bloggers. Last time we sent out a tweet requesting our followers to submit their favorite Pittsburgh vlogs, we got a bunch of blog urls. Yeah, but that’s how a lot of Twitter conversations end up.

Vlogs are cool for a bunch of reasons, but mostly because they provide viewers with something free to watch outside of mainstream media. Another reason is that a lot of the most popular vlogs started with little to no budget. This gives anyone a chance to make it and get noticed by the masses. But not so fast, Tiger. Before you go running to Costco and buy yourself a new Flip Cam, just know that successful vlogging requires tons of hard work and dedication. Subscribers expect a lot from their favorite channels, and beyond quality entertainment, they expect consistency.

You don’t need us to explain what vlogging is, just watch these locals do their thing. Some of them are just starting out, but some are quite experienced and really know how to produce great shows. If you are in Pittsburgh and have a vlog, send it to us… but please don’t send a channel with 2 stale videos from 2009 <- BORING! We want active channels that our readers would want to subscribe to.

General Pittsburgh Vlogs

Michael Warbux

Let’s start with Michael Warbux. We were first introduced to Michael Warbux by RepPghHipHop where he used to host a live show every week called the Sunday Night Showcase. Now he has his own YouTube channel with over 5,000 subscribers! His style has adapted a few times since he first started this gig, but he’s clearly found a niche that works for him and his viewers with News That Caught My Attention.


Most people know about iJustine. This is her official vlog channel, otherijustine. She doesn’t put Pittsburgh in her sidebar anymore, but she’s definitely from the Burgh. Remember when the iPhone first came out and people were getting bills that included every single thing they did on their phone? She’s the one that made a video about her 300 page iPhone bill that was mailed in a box (almost 3 million views!). Her channel has grown quite a bit since then and she left boring Pittsburgh for LA.


This guy mahramus is from Pittsburgh and has a YouTube channel. He is also friends with iJustine from above and they make videos with each other when iJustine is in town. Check out his site at The Banister Slide.


This Pittsburgh vlogger also has a channel called SAILORMOONRED1 with over 1,000 subscribers! This guy uploads a video (sometimes more than one!) every day. Now that’s discipline! It’s not easy to keep up with a vlog on any topic, and this guy has two channels that he updates regularly.

IMMATURITY Crew Productions

Immaturity Crew Productions is another YouTube channel from Pittsburgh. See the Steelers jersey and Interstate 79 sign in the background? The guy you see in the video is Dustin and he also has a channel for his comedy stuff.

AIF Productions

Three guys in Pittsburgh started this thing called AIF Productions. They have a few different series of videos and release them like episodes. Oh yeah, they also have a podcast show that you can download.

Pittsburgh Has Music Vlogs


Local photographer Jordan Beckham has a YouTube channel that you might want to subscribe to, especially if you like Pittsburgh hip-hop. The video above was filmed live in East Liberty – no lip-syncing! This channel is updated often.


Mysteriouspgh is another Burgh Verified vlogger on YouTube with a music based channel. He is a local producer who makes beats from scratch in front of the camera. Check out his videos to see how it’s done! His channel has over 1,000 subscribers from all over.


Burghtown is a local group from Pittsburgh with a regularly updated YouTube channel called Tales From the Booth. If you enjoy local music and watching music videos with Pittsburgh scenery in the background, subscribe to their channel.

Live From Pittsburgh

Chris Cendana is a musician from Pittsburgh who got his start on YouTube back in 2008. His YouTube channel info says his hometown is in West Virginia, but his website bio says “Chris Cendana is a Filipino  singer and songwriter living in  beautiful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.” His Channel is called Live From Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Has Sports Vlogs Too


Jim Shearer, who you might recognize from VH1 and MTV2, started this sports vlog called Yinz Luv Da’ Stillers (he also makes Yinz Luv Da’ Guins videos). He’s not exactly based in Pittsburgh, but let’s pretend it is since it’s so Pittsburghy. Jimbo is also an artist – he draws all the caricatures in his videos.

Other Pittsburgh YouTube channels worth subscribing to:

We had a big list of Pittsburgh based channels and vids to check out for this post, but as it turns out most of them aren’t really vlogs. Pittsburgh needs more vloggers! We want to see some channels of people walking around the streets of the burgh and talking about their lives in boring PGH. You can talk about the bad food here, the crappy weather, and the fact that there’s nothing to do past 8pm. So, if you weren’t sure what vlogging was before reading this post, hopefully we introduced you to some videos that will inspire you to make a kick-ass unboring vlog in Pittsburgh. If you do, don’t forget to send it to us so we can add it to this page.

Favorite this page because we will update it every time we’re introduced to a Pittsburgh vlogger worthy of being added to the list!

Do you know any good PGH vlogs?