Party Pittsburgh Style

Party Pittsburgh Style (pic by daveynin)

Maybe you grew up here, or perhaps you’re a transplant from another place entirely. Whatever the case may be, your friends know you as someone who proudly bleeds passion for Pittsburgh, a city that is known for its numerous bridges, diversity, and steel industry, amongst many other things. Whether you’re a die-hard Steelers fanatic or an alumni and lover of the University of Pittsburgh, you want to share your enthusiasm with all those around you at your birthday party, wedding, or dinner party. There are plenty of ways to incorporate Pittsburgh culture and life into whatever gathering you are trying to plan.

The first step in planning a fabulous and memorable party is to choose a great Pittsburgh venue, and there is no shortage of unique locations to choose from. For a beautiful outdoor celebration of any size, Shannopin Country Club is a great option to consider. Just minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, Shannopin has facilities for both formal and casual gatherings. If you’re looking for something different, there are four Carnegie Museums in Pittsburgh to choose from. Each is unique and offers facility rentals suitable for any celebration. For a more historical venue that says extravagance, The Pennsylvanian, also known as Pittsburgh’s most prestigious address, is sure to please. Or bring your guests to PNC Park to enjoy one of several reception locations. Whether you decide on a well-known and celebrated Pittsburgh location or not, there are many other ways to incorporate the lovely city into your celebration as well.

Pittsburgh is known for a variety of foods from different cultures. Incorporating some of these foods into your party is a great way to add local flair and showcase your favorite flavors. Over the years European influence there has been quite strong. One popular European dish is pierogies, pasta dough filled with potato and cheese, onion, or sauerkraut. Another common dish is halušky, noodles with fried cabbage or cottage cheese. Serve your guests Duquesne Pilsener or Iron City beer for a refreshing signature Pittsburgh drink. Or go all out and serve Primanti Brothers sandwiches filled with fries and coleslaw.

Sports are a huge part of Pittsburgh life and culture, and it is the only city in America where all the professional sports teams wear the same colors. Those colors, black and gold, can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used alone for a classy and sophisticated feel, or added to other colors to create a more fun vibe. Both black and gold are very versatile and can easily tie in with any occasion, formal or casual. Steel sculptures and centerpieces can add an extra bit of Pittsburgh flair. While most people know Pittsburgh as the Steel City, almost as famous was the glassmaking here. Unique glass vases filled with local greenery make great table centerpieces and décor. Pittsburgh played a strong role in the development of jazz, so it only makes sense to consider hiring a local jazz musician to perform at your special celebration.

Give guests a permanent reminder of your special celebration with a party favor that displays just a little bit of Pittsburgh. For edible favors, consider Clark Bars, the iconic Pittsburgh chocolate treat. Pay homage to your favorite famous artist from Pittsburgh, Andy Warhol, with photo favors that mimic his most popular works. Or for a more elegant favor, think about giving each guest a CD of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Many major films have been set in the city of Pittsburgh; give guests your favorite. The first Zippo lighter was created in Pittsburgh in 1932, and who doesn’t love a great lighter? Or for a favor that’s sure to make guests smile without hurting your pocketbook, give out small bottles of Heinz ketchup.