Portrait of an Urban Beekeeper

Local filmmaker Steve Ellington had a bee problem. In fact, the whole world has a bee problem. But, these are two very different problems. That’s why Steve wanted to solve his problem without making the world’s problem any worse.

Enter Stephen Repasky, the urban beekeeper. Ellington called on Repasky to help move the swarm of bees from a hole in his wall, to someplace else that wouldn’t be as dangerous for himself or the bees. The filmmaker was so fascinated by the bee whisperer that he became determined to make a documentary about him and created a project for it on Kickstarter.

That’s where you come in. Steve isn’t asking for much. All he needs is $1,250 to make this eye opening documentary a reality. The goal is to spread awareness about honey bees and guys like Stephen Repasky. If you don’t know much about the importance of honey bees to the existence of life as we know it, then you’re probably questioning if you really want to fork over 15 big ones (or more) to this project. You do and here’s why:

Backing this project with just $15 gets you a small honey bear jar of raw, unfiltered, unprocessed honey from Meadow Sweet Apiaries in Dormont! There are a bunch of other offerings for various pledge amounts, but most importantly, you’ll be helping a local artist create an interesting and educational film that he promises to release for free on YouTube and Vimeo for the world to see.

Bees are magical creatures. I have been observing the bees since they moved into the hive brought by Stephen Repasky and I have started to understand why he has dedicated himself to tending to them. I hope that this documentary will give some insight into the mind of a beekeeper and give everyone who watches it an appreciation for what he does and the creatures he does it for. -Steve Ellington

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Update 6/23/12:

The project has reached the funding goal!

Portrait of an Urban Beekeeper Fully Funded on Kickstarter