Not just “Pittsburghese” in this short comedy sketch inspired by the “Sh*t Girls Say” and the “Sh*t People from LA Say” originals. Written and performed by Kevin Cramer, Chris Bigos and Kelly & Adam Halbrock. Look for more videos coming soon from the Happy Apathy Productions team!

Ah got a f*ckin stinkbug!
Ohh don’t squish it, you gotta flush it.

That is it, I am having Troy’s baby.

No, no, no, the real Primanti Brothers, not the one out in Greensburg.

You’re gonna go up to this redlight, and yer gonna make a left. But not like the leftist left, the kind of straight left that goes down under the train tracks.

Holy sh*t, is that the sun?

Maintain speed through the tunnels!

Oh hey, dude, Kennywood’s open.

This used to be a steel mill.

Wait, what is Starlake called now?

Run the ball!!!

My uncle knows the cop that busted Kordell in Schenley circle.

Yeah, this is right where Ben wrecked his bike.

Our o-line sucks.

Hey, smack Stargell’s ass for good luck.

I love Malkin’s parents, they’re adorable.

When did they fix this area up? I’m not kiddin, three years ago this was a sh*thole.

Ah, yer gonna wanna go over the 10th Street Bridge… the Highland Park Bridge… Smithfield Street Bridge… Glennwood Bridge… Duquesne Bridge… Birmingham Bridge… yer gonna wanna take the West End Bridge… Clemente Bridge… 40th Street Bridge… 60th Street Bridge… oh, the 31st Street Bridge… the Liberty Bridge… it’s near the Fort Pitt Bridge… Rankin Bridge… the Bloomfield Bridge… McKees Rocks Bridge… the Hot Metal Bridge… Homestead Highlevel, yeah the one to the Waterfront…

How the hell did I end up on this side of the river?

Lebanon Church Road Pittsburgh, minutes from the mall.

No traffic on this side of the tunnel! Look at this, look how clear this is!

Pothole, whoa!

Sally Wiggin is great.

What are you doin babe?
Plannin my trip to Nashville.
Oh pull up google maps, I’ll show you where the Steelers bar is.

So, was she hot?
Well, she was Pittsburgh hot.

You’re not from Pittsburgh, you’re from Cranberry.

Hey while yer in there, get me some chips n’at.

Is this Bloomfield or Lawrenceville?

They’re saying Pittsburgh’s the new Hollywood.
Dude, Pittsburgh’s not the new… was that the Batmobile?

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