As a response to the Shit People From Pittsburgh Say video we posted earlier this week, another video surfaced about none other than… the shit people from Pittsburgh don’t say. We swear this is the last ‘shit people say’ or ‘shit people don’t say’ video we’re going to post. Ever.

Internet phenomenons don’t even last a week anymore before they get stale and played out. From ‘shit people say’ videos, Black & Yellow remixes, planking, tebowing… the internet has gotten worse than a top 40’s station.

Oh yeah, and please excuse all of the sh*ts. We will worsh our mahths aht with soap later.

The weatherman was right!

I love DVE’s variety.

We need another tunnel.

Who won the Pittsburgh Passion game last night?

Kris Letang is ugly.

I’m just gonna speed up through this tunnel.

I’m sure that construction’s done by now.

Sold out?! (walking away from PNC Park)

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