Thursday , 28 May 2015

The Manor Theatre Commits Movie Theater Blasphemy

Manor Theater

Only real movie buffs need read on. One of my fellow Boring Pittsburgh contributors wrote a thorough review of the Manor Theatre in Sq. Hill, so my friends and I decided to check it out. Drinking draft beer in front of the silver screen? Yes, please! The four of us went to the last show of the night after dinner at Everyday Noodles and froyo at Razzy Fresh. It was an awesome evening.

Overall, I can agree with Ryan’s review and say that the Manor is a cool place to catch a flick without having to cross a bridge… that is, until they committed a movie theater sin when they turned the lights on and shut the power to the projector off as soon as the credits started rolling! Most people rush out to their cars the moment a film ends, but my posse happens to be a bunch of movie geeks who like to enjoy the credits and let it sink in before waking back up to reality. I’m not even sure theaters are allowed to cut a film off during the credits, are they?

My guess is that this is a common occurrence at the Manor. I’m sure the folks want to go home after a long day of strenuous work scooping popcorn and tearing ticket stubs, but it’s disrespectful to the people who participated in making the film, as well as to moviegoers who forked over $9.25 to watch it. We paid for an entire movie but got shoved out before it could finish. We usually go to Southside Works and this has never happened there. Just imagine if they did this at the end of Godzilla!

Dear Manor: we vowed to return to your theater again for a late-night showing of The Grand Budapest Hotel this weekend, if yinz cut the credits off again we’re going to demand a refund.

Where is it?
The Manor Theatre
1729 Murray Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Click here for showtimes

  • Steve

    My friends hate me for it, but I also watch the credits to the end.

  • Mel

    I saw the Chef there the other night and they didn’t cut the credits off but they did turn the lights on which was annoying because there are scenes in the credits. They probably don’t turn the lights on that soon during early showings but they probably want to get everyone out at the end of the night.

    • Dave

      Great movie.

      • KarmicFarmer

        Just saw it, was great indeed!

  • Rose Tyler

    I’ve been to the Manor many, many times, and I’ve never known this happen before. And as for the lights coming on early, the place is frequented by seniors, so that might be for safety and convenience.

    • Dave

      Which is another great point to add to my review… the ambient lighting there is atrocious. Instead of track lighting on the path, they have these lights from above glaring in your face while trying to enjoy a movie in classic theater darkness.

  • DubStarAwesome

    Totally didn’t happen when I went to The Dark Knight Rises there, but have noticed it in a lot of theatres lately. Not cool. I’m in Chicago and went to X-Men last week and they did it even though you effing know there is going to be a teaser at the end.

  • KarmicFarmer

    This kind of thing shouldn’t be happening.

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