Wiz Khalifa Gets Punk'd by Mac Miller on MTV! (June 7th, 2012)

The joke’s on Wiz Khalifa during the season finale of Punk’D (S09/E12). Mac Miller is doing the dirty work, which means two Pittsburghers will be on MTV on the same night in the same show. Ohhh, this is gonna’ be good! Can’t wait to see the priceless look on Young Khalifa’s face. Click ahead for the video preview…

When is the episode?
Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 10:00pm

You’re telling me that we’re trying to rob a weed shop…

Update 6/7/12:

Wiz Khalifa’s reaction to getting Punkd

Update 6/8/12:

Full Episode of Mac Miller’s Punk’d Season Finale