I Made It! Market for the Holidays in SouthSide Works

It's that time of year again! Find the rest of the flyer at the bottom of the page

I Made It! Market is having a very special 2 day holiday event this Friday and Saturday, December 3rd and 4th. BPGH is going to be there both days, and we want everyone to join us, so we thought of 10 convincing reasons why you should plan on shopping at I Made It! for the Holidays this weekend:

Because the vendors actually know everything about what they’re selling! Unlike at big box stores when you ask a question and they just read off the card right in front of you. To make matters worse, those cards never have the answers either! And you won’t have some annoying store associate asking if they can help you find something every 10 steps you take.

Huge selection of locally inspired gifts for Burgh obsessed yinzers. Also a great place to pick up gifts for your friends and family that moved away. Who doesn’t need a Pittsburgh t-shirt, coffee mug, and set of jagoff cufflinks.

The American Red Cross will provide gift wrapping on Saturday! This is perfect for lazy shoppers and people who aren’t so good with stuff like that.

You will earn major karma points for buying handmade goods that promote sustainability and fair trade! Because giving a sweatshop manufactured gift is so boring and anti holiday spirit. Seriously, do you feel good about giving your kids toys that were made by other kids of the same age in a prison-like environment for 18 hours a day? Buy local, buy Kiddy Kapes!

There are going to be 100 different artists! Each day has a different group of vendors, so you get a completely unique shopping experience on Friday and Saturday. The malls have looked the same for the past 20 years. Boring. And the mall doesn’t sell kick ass shirts like these guys.

Because the money you spend at the I Made It! Market will find it’s way back to support the local economy! Why spend all your dough at some big box department store that was probably incorporated in Delaware? If you like those stores so much, why don’t you just move to Delaware? Or Cleveland for that matter!

The market is open until 10pm on Friday night! That means you can go shopping at IMI before or after your dinner/movie in Southside Works! Impress your date by showing her that you have the ability to think outside the box and you’re not boring like the other guys. Chicks really dig handmade crafts and bath products!

Live music all weekend by the Winterlings. Sure beats the elevator music they play in Macy’s over and over – subliminally telling you to buy stuff you don’t want or need!

Meet the people you tweet! IMI is a very social event and most of the personalities you know from Facebook and Twitter will be there. Don’t forget to check into Four Square and tweet about your purchases.

Most importantly, you should shop at I Made It! for the Holidays because you can buy cool stuff there that isn’t available anywhere else. There is literally something for everyone!

I Made It! for the Holidays

I Made It! for the Holidays has over 100 vendors this year!

When is I Made It! for the Holidays 2010?
December 3, 5pm-10pm
December 4, 12pm-5pm

Where is it?
SouthSide Works, near REI (the old Ann Taylor Loft)
428 S. 127 Street (map)
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Is there parking?
YES! Street parking and extremely convenient garage parking.
The garages are only $1/hour and maximum of $3 for the entire day.

What if I want to take the bus before they cancel my route?
Take the 48 or 50 from Downtown or the 75 from Oakland

How much is it to get in?