Art All Night 2013 Flyer Poster

Art All Night Lawrenceville, Lawrenceville’s annual grassroots arts exhibition and community event is celebrating its 16th year. The event starts Saturday, April 27th at 4pm and goes ALL NIGHT until Sunday, April 28th at 2pm. Admission is FREE, and the event is open to the public.

Art All Night showcases work from artists of every skill level and background. Artists exhibit their work with the Art All Night guarantee: NO FEES, NO JURY, and NO CENSORSHIP. This event has exhibited artwork by more than 1,200 artists in one weekend. Art included in the exhibit will also be on sale, at the artists’ discretion.

Live music and performances are also part of the event. Pre-paired artists will be onsite Saturday night working on collaborative paintings. Those paintings, along with collaborations from past years’ events, will be up for auction. Attendees are welcome to participate in interactive arts activities as well. The children’s box fort returns to Art All Night year. Kids will work together to build a cardboard labyrinthine tunnel and fort structure and then crawl through. There will also be CD weaving, paint bubbles, and a paint catapult. (A catapult.) Adults can join in the fun, too. There’s an interactive drawing project involving picking up a ringing phone and drawing the caller as he/she describes himself/herself. Visitors can make postcards at Art All Night, shop through the ones made by others, and then mail them off on the spot. More activities are listed at the website:

Art All Night is a unique experience that has had up to 15,000 attendees in a single running weekend. It appears the last Saturday and Sunday in April, popping up in different locations from year to year. It is planned and coordinated by an all-volunteer organizing committee comprised of residents and supporters of Pittsburgh’s vibrant Lawrenceville neighborhood. Scores of additional volunteers help to prepare the venue, construct exhibit panels, assist with registration, hang artwork and much, much more.

To learn more about the event, including this year’s location, how to register artwork, and how to get involved as a donor or volunteer, visit, like Art All Night: Lawrenceville on Facebook and follow the event @ArtAllNight on Twitter. Instagram, Tumblr, and Flikr accounts are all linked on the website, as well.