Pittsburgh Cycling Expo Flyer

In college, I remember getting most of the important news about the happenings from the “Band Board.” Every campus has one or two. Generally, a flat or cylindrical post to which event flyers are stapled, taped, duct-taped or even glued down onto. One flyer over the top of another over the top of another all semester long until the surface is no longer recognizable as anything but flyers just existing within time and space. Acoustic events at the campus cafe, house parties, and hip after-hours DJ’s all lumped together. Then one day I got old.

All of a sudden I didn’t have access to the Band Boards. Flyers no longer determined my weekend course of action. Which forced me to discover local “independent” websites and newspapers. First stop is the #WhatToDo412 section of the Pittsburgh Forum. It has become my digital band board. Pittsburgh also has the City Paper. Every week I pick it up. I read the weird news section first, Savage Love column second and then just go through looking at the ads for bands, bars and events. After that it’s a crapshoot.

Last week I stumbled across an ad for the Pittsburgh Cycling Expo. Intrigued I went looking for more info on their website www.pghcyclingexpo.com. After learning that the event is donation based and acts as a fundraiser for The Montour Trail and local cycling charitable groups I decided to go. Adult Band Board strikes again. I sent a message asking for more information and the organizers of the event sent me the following:

If you are interested in cycling and wish to learn more about cycling apparel and accessories as well as ride opportunities in Pittsburgh, you should plan to attend the Pittsburgh Cycling Expo being held Sunday, April 7, 2013 at the IBEW Circuit Center on the Southside of Pittsburgh.

The proceeds benefit The Montour Trail. This first-of- its-kind event in the Pittsburgh area is open to bicycle enthusiasts, recreational bicyclists and anyone who has an interest in bicycling. Vendors and local bike shops are invited to display their wares in the Expo area. Trail updates and information on organized rides will be available. Doors to the Cycling Expo area will open at 10 am. The fashion show starts at 2 pm.

Find the full press-release here

When is the expo?
Sunday, April 7th, 2013

What’s the schedule?
7 am       Vendor Setup (open 10-6)
9:00        Bike Ride: on the Three Rivers Heritage Trail system
10:00      Vendor Expo: Silent Auction and Raffles
2:00        Entertainment and Speakers
4:00        Raffle and Auctions Winners Posted
5:00        Conclusion
6:00        Vendors door Closes
7:00        Exit

Where is it?
IBEW Circuit Center (in Southside)
5 Hot Metal Street (map)
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

More info please?
Expo Website:  http://pghcyclingexpo.com/
Expo Facebook Page:  http://www.facebook.com/PittsburghCyclingExpo