Happy Valentine's Day Pittsburgh

Happy Valentine's Day Pittsburgh (pic via inorman88)

Boring Pittsburgh is celebrating a Mexican theme this Valentine’s Day, and you should too. Let’s start with the free food! Pittsburgh Qdoba locations will be participating in a nationwide promotion where customers who go into the location on Valentine’s Day give their significant other, family member, friend or even an understanding stranger a kiss, will receive a free entree with the purchase of one entree.

This could be a great way to break the ice with that special someone while scoring a free meal at the same time. Good luck!

Where is Qdoba in Pittsburgh?

For those of our readers who would rather spend money at locally owned Mexican restaurants, check out the 2 for $35 Valentine’s Day special at Mad Mex. For the lonely singles in the crowd, drown your sorrows in $6 Big Azz Margaritas all day long. Maybe you’ll get drunk enough to muster up enough courage to talk to the single person sitting next to you at the bar, and you guys can strike a conversation about how boring Pittsburgh is and how much less boring it would be if you two would spend the rest of forever together, starting now! Ok, maybe not, but at least you tried.

Where’s Mad Mex again?

And finally, for those of our readers just getting over a bad break-up, you can maintain the Mexican theme by pinning a picture of your ex on a pinata and bashing it in until sweet goodies fly all over the room.