Steeltown Entertainment Project presents Film Factory

Steeltown Entertainment Project presents Film Factory

Hey Pittsburgh, if you are even remotely interested in film or being apart of the movie making process, you should visit the Melwood Screening Room this Saturday at 10:30am. The Steeltown Entertainment Project event will be the official start of the Steeltown Film Factory competition – a yearlong film-making competition.

The morning will include a discussion about the filmmaking process, including “Getting Started: Where do good ideas, great scripts & talented filmmakers come from?”. If Saturday mornings aren’t your thing, maybe you can check out the opening of the Three Rivers Film Festival at the Concept Art Gallery in Regent Square on November 6, 2009 @ 5:30pm – more info here.

According to their site:

The FILM FACTORY invites students (aged 16 and up) and amateur filmmakers to submit original film ideas for the competition. The FILM FACTORY will start accepting submissions on November 7th with the deadline closing on December 31, 2009. Submissions must include a 10-12 page script along with a logline, a one-page synopsis and an optional sample of prior work, and may be made via the FILM FACTORY website at

The judges for the competition are professional actors, writers, directors, and more – including, Peter Ackerman (writer, Ice Age); Doug Crise (editor, Babel); Todd Eckert (producer, Control); Melissa Martin (writer, The Bread My Sweet); and Bernie Goldmann (producer, 300) just to name a few.