Duquesne Club Pittsburgh Foie GrasAbout 10 years ago, activists were targeting local restaurants that participated in serving the livers of force fed geese. During that time, the Post-Gazette ran an article asking if it was the end of the fatty French delicacy. Today, foie gras can still be found in the Burgh.

While most people can’t stomach the idea of foie gras, others are actively seeking places to stuff their faces with this expensive foodstuff. Below is a list of restaurants that have been known to serve foie gras. Add these places to your blacklist or must try list.

  1. Nine on Nine
  2. Meat and Potatoes
  3. The Capital Grille
  4. Spoon
  5. Senti
  6. Paris 66
  7. The Twisted Frenchman
  8. Cure
  9. Bar Marco
  10. Butcher and the Rye

The menu capture above is from The Duquesne Club. Their venue wasn’t added to this list since most of the people reading this will never have the opportunity to dine there.