5 Must Read Pittsburgh Food Blogs

There's so much more to eat than this in Pittsburgh! (shoutout to lucius kwok for the pic)

We sometimes joke about the “Pittsburgh Palate” and how the tastebuds in this city seem to be stuck in the 19th century. It’s no secret that the BPGH crew is bored with the food here – but thanks to these dedicated foodies, we have found places to eat beyond Primanti’s and Eat’n Park. If you, too, are bored with the food in the Burgh, follow these food blogs for some enlightening introductions to some restaurants around Pittsburgh. Think of these bloggers as Royal Food Tasters of the Burgh. They try it, before you risk it.

eatPGH Pittsburgh Food BlogeatPGH, aka @eatPGH, is a great place to start. They always attach a bunch of pictures with their posts, and the site is visually delicious – maybe it’s that blue and cotton-candy pink combo? Overall the reviews are usually very positive about the restaurants they review. You might be thinking that’s a sign of low standards, but maybe it’s just a sign that they know how to pick really good places to eat! One thing for sure, when they are critical in their reviews (like that Sharp Edge review when Julie said “If I go back to the Sharp Edge, I’m just sticking to the beer” ) you should probably listen! We just wish they would write more often…

FoodBurgh Official SiteThe name says it all. FoodBurgh, gotta love it. Although head author @MikeBeattie has a tough undertaking when it comes to FoodBurgh’s tagline: “A somewhat healthy slant on Pittsburgh’s restaurants,” the reviews you will find on this site are pretty deep. The posts don’t just cover the food a restaurant serves, but also the location and ambiance of the places he visits. Oh yeah, and good beer is discussed every now and again too! Local vegetarians will definitely appreciate FoodBurgh because every review lets you know if the place is “veggie-friendly” or not. Definitely a must-subscribe-Pittsburgh-food-blog.

Taste of Pittsburgh Official SiteTaste of Pittsburgh has an approach to restaurant reviewing that more food blogs should explore. The end of every review includes three parts that make @tastePGHblog very subscribable – Cliffs Notes (where they give you a break down of the bill), Overall Opinion (where they spend some time being brutally honest), and the bright pink hand-drawn star ratings. New posts from ToP are always something to look forward to, but we’d like to see a different layout though, one that is easier on the eyes. At the time of this writing, the dark gray on black is a tiny bit difficult to read.

Binge Eating in Pittsburgh Food BlogBinge Eating in Pittsburgh on the other hand is a smorgasbord of visual stimulation. The way they get up-close-and-personal with the food makes you want to reach in and grab it right off the screen! Another lovely touch is how every review kicks off with a large italic font introduction and photograph. Then, at the end of each post, you will find the reviewed restaurant’s hours and other information. While this is a must read Pittsburgh food blog, you are hereby forewarned that @BingePittsburgh does seem to have a tough time giving places less than 4 stars. Sure, maybe the food tastes good at all the restaurants reviewed so far, but we also wanna know the places to avoid. This is Pittsburgh, so there’s no doubt that they will eventually have to give out 1 star. One thing for sure, we’are subscribed and waiting for that day to arrive.

Burghilicious Pittsburgh's Yummy BlogLast but definitely not least is Burghilicious. This site has been around for quite some time now and it is a little bit different from the other food blogs in the list. Burghalicious is for those of you who prefer to cook at home. And even if you don’t like cooking at home, this site will make you want to start. @burghilicious is full of mouthwatering recipes that are easy to follow and too tempting to pass up. Bookmark this site on your phone so you know what ingredients to pick up during your next trip to the grocery store. To sum it up, “Lauren Bracey reads cookbooks like novels” then blogs about it so that you don’t have to.

Do you have a favorite Pittsburgh
food blog not listed here?