BYOB Pittsburgh

BYOB Pittsburgh

Acronyms are fun, and if you spend enough time on it, you could probably think up some good ones for BYOB. The most common meaning for that four letter combination is already the best: Bring Your Own Bottle (or beer, or booze, or… you get the point).

If you are a foodie with a thirst for spirits, BYOB is the best thing ever. It allows you to pair your preferred drink to your meal, it saves you money, and it’s fun.

While asking for recommendations on BYOB in Pittsburgh, we got a lot of feedback about corkage. Some places charge. Some places don’t. For the inexperienced BYOB’er it seems like corkage is a deterrent. It shouldn’t be.

A restaurant with a fully stocked bar may charge corkage in order to make up for the lost revenue (or refuse to serve your bottle altogether), but should a restaurant without a liquor license charge a corking fee? After all, you could have avoided dining at their establishment in favor of a more convenient, albeit pricey option. Valid point indeed, but corkage fee or not, the venue is providing their wine glasses, service, and clean-up for a something that is not directly generating money for their business.

It can be argued that a good restauranteur knows that there’s more to service than squeezing every penny out of their patrons. This might explain why some of them charge little to nothing for bringing your own. If your favorite spot for dining happens to ask a nominal fee, just remember the benefits to BYOB over the alternative. And, although it’s a pleasant gesture for a restaurant to offer zero charge corkage, stay classy and add something extra to the tip as a sign of appreciation.

Boring Pittsburgh is proud to present this list of BYOB friendly establishments in Pittsburgh as recommended by our community. Comments are from Facebook and Twitter:

  • Cibo in Regent Square..awesome
  • Abay and Nicky’s Thai kitchen are my top 2.
  • Love BYOB. Piccolo Forno, Sausalido, Pizzutti’s, and Cafe Zinho are four favorites.
  • Ray Azteca
  • Never, because I was under the impression there is a cork charge. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
  • (@evolutiongrille) “we charge $1.00 corkage (to offset cost of broken wine glasses)”
  • @smokebbqtacos is the only one I know of that is no-corkage.
  • Most corkage fees are minimal. Smiling banana leaf – delish and no corkage fee !
  • Golden Pig does not charge corkage either. *OINK*
  • Avenue B!
  • Former J’eet/Cafe Mona and Green Mango don’t have a fee, and I believe Cibo is $7. (editor’s side note: Cibo has free corkage on Monday)
  • Nothing makes me happier than bringing a bottle of good wine to Pusadee’s Garden in Lawrenceville and sitting in the garden on a summer night.
  • I use byo all the time! Brought wine to dinner last sat night @ROOT174.
  • My friends and I seek them out so we can drink our fave wines. Avenue B, Sausalido, both Byob and so good!
  • @smokebbqtacos @BiteBistro (Bite Bistro is $1 corkage) @ROOT174 are all places where I have.
  • BYOB restaurants are best restaurants. Every place that’s been mentioned, plus Chaya in Squirrel Hill.

Some other Pittsburgh BYOB friendly joints:

Please share your fav BYOB places in the comments below!