In a recent trip to the Burgh, Philadelphia based Dish Trip flew from east to west via Southwest to explore some of Pittsburgh’s best.

Pamela’s in the Strip District

  • For a business that has been around for 31 years, you would think they’ve had enough time to wire up a credit card machine. Thumbs down for cash only.
  • Thumbs up for Pancrepes!

Peace Love and Little Donuts

  • Add this to your must try list!
  • These guys could be doing so much more with the web and social media. Just look at what Dozen was able to do with cupcakes! Mini donuts are just as fun, but so many Pittsburghers don’t even know this place exists.


  • A hot-dog shop in a church that features organic and grass-fed franks (veggie ones too!) and the stuff you load ’em up with.
  • Thrice voted the Best Lunch in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Enrico Biscotti Co.

  • Enrico Biscotti Company has been making twice-baked biscuits of Prato for 18 years, but they also have a wonderful cafe with a daily menu that is comprised of dishes that proudly boast locally farmed ingredients.
  • They have a fun bread making class (that also includes breakfast).

Parma Sausage Products

  • They have sausage.
  • And house made wine.

Pennsylvania Macaroni Co.

  • As you will see in the clip, Penn Mac sells more cheese than macaroni. According to their site, they sell over 200,000 pounds of cheesy goodness per week!
  • A great place to buy gift baskets for your foodie friends.

Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel

  • Home to Braddock’s American Brasserie & Streetside Bar. So when you read excellent reviews about this classy and upscale bar, just remember that it’s downtown before you start driving to Levi’s Whore, err… Braddock, PA.
  • Excellent place for a first date or casual cocktail after work.
  • The staircase is awesome.

Salt of the Earth

  • They forgot to show the communal tables that Pittsburghers are so interested in. Then again, communal tables might not be a big deal to folks from Philly or NYC.
  • They used to have one of the most interesting blogs, but then stopped updating it all of the sudden. Good. That shows they are focusing on what matters most… the food (which communicates directly to your taste-buds).

Victory Brewing Company (Prima Pils)

  • Victory beer is from somewhere around Philly. While their Prima Pils was recently called the best pilsner in the nation by a writer from Esquire Magazine, it would have been better to have a Pittsburgh brewer featured in a video about Pittsburgh food.
  • Update: Victory Brewing Company is apparently a Dish Trip sponsor. That explains why they were featured =)

Very cool video! It’s nice to see some of the delicious Pittsburgh food options that are often overshadowed by the incessant mentioning of other yinzer favorites. For example, thanks for skipping Primanti Bros – but you could have also skipped Pamela’s.

Shout out to @burghilicious (#BurghVerified) and @burghfoodtour for being featured in the video!