Back in 2010, Akirah and Chef Dan teamed up to start a restaurant in Larryville called Kaleidoscope Cafe. Not only are they business partners, they’re also married. One morning last week, the couple went to work as usual only to find an unexpected maintenance issue. The details of this maintenance issue are somewhat mysterious, but the point is that it has forced them to close until the problem is resolved. Which is a damned shame since the BYOB restaurant has been celebrating Grilled Cheese Month in April with a different $5 sandwich configuration each week.

In the meantime, the restauranteurs are bored out of their minds and they don’t know what to do with their newfound abundance of time while patiently waiting for the maintenance issue to be maintained. So the two lovebirds grabbed a camera and started a vlog (dubbed KCTV). For some reason, they (mostly Akirah) really want you to ask them questions (as mentioned 8 times in the video). Will someone please fulfill their YouTube fantasies and post a question for them to answer? Follow @KaleidoscopePgh.

Where is it?
Kaleidoscope Cafe
108 43rd St (map)
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

When are they usually open?
Tuesday – Saturday from 11am – 10pm