Casting Call: Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares”

Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsay coming to Pittsburgh
Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsay coming to Pittsburgh
Are you ready for Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsay coming to Pittsburgh

The senior casting producer for Gordon Ramsay’s show “Kitchen Nightmares” submitted this urgent casting call to Boring Pittsburgh today. They’re specifically looking in the Pittsburgh area for struggling restaurants to appear in the upcoming season 5 of what might seriously be considered one of the best reality TV shows ever!

FOX’s hit show starring Gordon Ramsay “KITCHEN NIGHTMARES” is CASTING IMMEDIATELY!

Are you trying to make some green, but still running in the red? Or maybe you have a great location, but are unable to bring in the customers? Email us immediately if interested KNAUDITIONS@GMAIL.COM



  • Your name
  • Contact info
  • Name of your restaurant
  • Where you are located
  • Type of cuisine you serve
  • How many seats you have
  • How long you have been opened
  • Photos or website if available
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, why you need our help.


Our longtime followers already know that the need for Kitchen Nightmares to visit the Burgh is something we’ve been talking about forever.

Boring Pittsburgh already has a endless list of local restaurants that could desperately use Chef Ramsay’s help, but we want to know what you think… Nominate some restaurants in the comments below! (feel free to comment anonymously)

Update: Another company by the name of Conlin Company is also distributing casting call information about the Pittsburgh episode of Kitchen Nightmares.

Author: BPGH Staff

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35 thoughts on “Casting Call: Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares””

  1. Oh my god, that Greek place on Sixth Street near Heinz Hall. Been there a million years and desperately needs help. The guy was once a cook for the Onassis family and still talks about it, but everything in the place is so out of date and ick. You have to walk through the kitchen (which is gross) to get to the bathroom!

    1. Second greek place on 6th ave downtown.. Great people 😉 But could use some serious help.. Would be the most interesting show ever… Serious characters down there..

  2. They have to go to the most overrated and disgusting downhill slope of a sorry excuse for a restaurant in Pittsburgh: Penn Brewery.

    The menu is trash, the service is lackluster, and the food is horrendous. I would be scared to peek into the kitchen. Gordo would have a field day.

  3. Why dont you start by asking which restaurant dont need a visit by Kitchen Nightmares and go from there. The list will be short.

    1. Georgetown Inn has the stench of an old basement and that putrid old wood styling. The only thing it has going for it is the view!

  4. This is exciting news! I want to nominate Pizzutti’s in Shadyside. I think it’s the only restaurant in Pittsburgh that stands on the street handing out flyers for a free glass of wine with an entree. I don’t mind it because it reminds me of NYC in a way.

    1. I second this one. I love Shakespeare’s, their food and service are great and the atmosphere is beautiful. I just think no one knows about it or where it is. The location is kind of killing it. If the show went there they might spread some awareness of it.

  5. Any Mt. Washington establishment that overlooks the city will do. They are all lame. Penn Brewery is another one…I used to really like that place…they ruined the menu.

  6. The China Bistro located at 4779 Rt. 8 in Allison Park was always one of my favorite Chinese restaurants. It has been around almost 20 years and the quality of the food has really gone downhill. They seat about 50-60 people and the place is always dusty and not very well kept. The last meal that I had there was very greasy and unless they do something, it will have been my last meal there

  7. I nominate Levanti’s Italian restaurant in Beaver, PA. They serve the worst food ever! They used dried out frozen chicken patties and nuke their frozen meatballs in the microwave. Chef Ramsay needs to shut down that kitchen!!!

  8. Ramsey should hit up The Sewickley Hotel located in sewickley. It used to be jam packed by the local yuppies for 30 years, but ever since it was sold to new uncaring owner it has gone downhill.

  9. The Map Room in Regent Square. Hands down. The decor needs a major upgrade, the owner chases all of her customers and employees away, and they have a new chef every month.

  10. I have said for years that J. Clarks on Mcknight Rd. needs Kitchen Nightmares. I remember going there as a kid and loving it but the place is literally falling apart, with holes in the seats and wallpaper peeling off the walls. With the dining room the way it is I would hate to see the kitchen but the people are nice and my family and I just love there deep fried soft pretzels 🙂

  11. How about Ryan’s Pub in Regent Square? That place has become a real sh*t-hole compared to what it used to be. The owner has really let it go downhill.

  12. Please HELP! This is 3 brothers who have been with their business their whole lives. Started 40 years ago by mom and dad and the boys worked there as soon as they could. Parents passed away, now they own it. They are not on the same page anymore. Things are done 3 different ways. This is a crab house and restaurant and little bar. They are in Owings Mills, Md. They pay the bills. The employees and patrons run this establishment! I am Jeff’s wife, Michele, and it angers me that they allow this. The crowd at the little bar are very loud and use very foul language all the time. I go there alot and hear how the patrons say they won’t ever come back again because of the language. They were packed yesterday for Mother’s day. Their help comes in when they feel like it if at all! I’ve asked several times let me come up and help get this fixed( like with the help and patrons) and I’m told no because they wouldn’t have any help left. I say you would have the ones that abide by your rules not their rules. I could go on and on. I’m going up tonight and when I see something that I know is not right I am going to question them on it then go to my husband and tell him and I said “You better back me on it” they have great food and CRABS. I am really scared that if there is not some kind of intervention with this they won’t have a business much longer. So PLEASE Chef Ramsey PLEASE would you come and help the boys get back on track, sincerely, Michele

  13. Ricos near Ross park mall. Used to be good but everything is old, outdated, worn out. I don’t think anything has ever been changed. The food has declined too. Though I have to say they still have the best fried zucchini.

  14. Holy hell…I would nominate Del’s in Bloomfield and Pizutti’s in Shadyside. Both places are pure crap.

    Also, Pizutti’s just needs shut down. I wonder if the IRS knows she doesn’t pay her servers? They work for tips. She’s (the owner) is a nasty piece of work.

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