Bloomfield Little Italy Days 2012

Bloomfield’s Little Italy Day’s can be summed up as follows: Bocce, Meatballs, Cannoli’s, Gutter Cover’s, Pizza, Fiat’s, Pierogies, More Gutter Covers, Chinese Food (What?), Makeshift Casino, Pizza, Cupcakes, “Giovanni! Giovanni!” and finally more Meatballs.

The first thing we came upon were meatball sandwiches as big as your head at the Italian grocery behind Pleasure Bar. They looked good, real good. Wife wanted one but agreed that we should check out the competition first. Despite my vegetarianism (I subsist on a diet of beer, hummus and things to dip in said hummus) those meatballs were enticing.

Behind us a competitive bocce tournament was being held, and an enthusiastic crowd cheered on the competitors. The bocce was without question the highlight event of the festival. We turned the corner onto Liberty. Everything was covered in red, white and green. It was like was like the midway at every county fair I’ve ever been too. Deep fried anything, but this time with lots of Italian favorites too. The big difference is I didn’t see any goldfish to win. We didn’t walk far before running into a pierogie stand that seemed ideal for breaking our Little Italy days virginity. They were delicious.

Little Italy days were mostly about eating. Eating and seeing people from the neighborhood. We don’t know anyone in the neighborhood, but we enjoyed watching people smile and hug friends and neighbors they may not see everyday. Grandmas with canes were everywhere, keeping hawkish eyes on kids scrambling around with cannolis hanging out of their mouths. We decided to keep eating. We hit up some cupcakes from Dozen bakery and finally ended up at the meatball sandwich stand. Somehow we ended up with a bag of fried dough balls too. Even I couldn’t resist the meatballs and risking life and limb, I took a large bite. Incredible.

The party continues with the Columbus Day Parade 2012

When is the Columbus Day Parade?
Sat, Oct 6 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Where is it?
The parade will march along Liberty Avenue from Baum Blvd. to the Bloomfield Bridge.

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