Elise Wims, the Pittsburgher on Hell's Kitchen

Elise Wims, the Pittsburgher on Hell's Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay’s kicked off season 9 of Hell’s Kitchen tonight July 18,2011 with a Pittsburgh chef competing among the 18 contestants. (watch the full episode below)

Elise Wims is a 27 year old Regent Square resident originally hailing from Forest Hills. She graduated from Woodland Hills High School in 2002 and after college, she went on to become the catering director at Andora Restaurant in Greentree.

Get your arse in the penalty box

We don’t want to spoil it for you, but if you didn’t see the season premiere yet, let’s just say Elise messed up the risotto. But hey, everyone screws up the risotto. It’s not as if Pittsburgh is a big risotto town anyway! We all know that if the Hell’s Kitchen menu consisted of pierogies, hot cakes, or some greasy sandwich with french fries on top, Elise would be kicking ass in every episode! Just kidding, we’re sure her skills in the kitchen extend far beyond the Pittsburgh palate and Boring Pittsburgh wishes her the best of luck on the show and in her cooking career – seriously though, next time don’t go snatching up the scallops like that (the offense that landed her in the penalty box)!

Elise Wims
Age: 26 (now 27)
Occupation: Line Cook
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Signature Dish: Pesto Seared Scallops with Sautéed Escarole

Bloody disgusting

It’s exciting to watch a Pittsburgher on Hell’s Kitchen, but what this city really needs is a few episodes of Kitchen Nightmares. There are more than enough local joints that should definitely be featured on that show… you know who they are!

Where can I watch it?
On Fox 53. If you don’t have a TV for whatever reason, all of the Hell’s Kitchen episodes are usually uploaded to YouTube, or you can read the recap of S09E01 here.

When is Hell’s Kitchen on?
Mondays at 8pm

*Hell’s Kitchen Season Premiere Part 2 will air on Tuesday, July 19th at 8pm.

Where does Elise cook?
Andora Restaurant (map)
1928 Cochran Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
(412) 561-5492

Is she on Twitter?
Yes, and you can follow @EliseWims on Twitter and on Facebook. We happened to come across another Elise Wims on Twitter with the account @SexyChef412. It has not been confirmed if that is also her account or not lol.

Episode 13 1/3

Episode 13 2/3

Episode 13 3/3