Sunday , 1 February 2015
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Pittsburgh Tastebuds

What is your favorite PGH restaurant?

What is your favorite PGH restaurant? (pic by @BurghGourmand)

This picture was captured at the Caribou Coffee on Carson Street in South Side. There are a few good suggestions listed, and some questionable ones…

Since blackboards are meant to be wiped and reused, we thought it might be nice to continue the list here. Leave some of your favorites in the comments below… no chalky residue required!


C’mon guys, it’s one thing to have the dreaded Pittsburgh tastebud, but listing Hoss’s and Pizza Hut?

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  • Karmic Farmer

    I would have to add Root 174 to that list even if it meant walking away with a chalky residue on my hands.

  • Molly Cody

    I love Salt for special occasions and a fun night out, Piccolo Forno and Smiling Banana Leaf for good eats and BYOB, and North Park Lounge for draft beers and bar food!

  • Matt

    I like Verde. Best chips and guac.

  • Yung Ka

    i didnt see Tessaro’s on there i’d add that. great burers and home fries. everything is good. its on Liberty Ave. sick spot.

  • The Drunken Cyclist



    If you’re a carnivore like me, then you appreciate an endless buffet until you become literally drunk off of meat. Sushi Kim (Korean BBQ buffet only on the weekends) or Green Forest Brazilian Chiaroscuro are where it’s at for the meat sweats.