Friday , 22 May 2015

The Ballad of Little E’s Jazz Club

Little E's Jazz Club in Pittsburgh
No more food please, I'm just here for the sax.

Enter Little E’s. A club/restaurant downtown that gives Pittsburgh the sounds of jazz it rarely hears. Little E’s sports a fully stocked bar and restaurant menu. They trumpet various performances each and every night. And even if you can’t reed the menu, it is easy to enjoy the simplicity of Little E’s; the symphony here is not created for your mouth, but for your ears.

Graciously, Little E’s never missed a beat. I was joined by my friend Maranda, and while the food was not amazing, it did allow us to take note of what was going on around us. A few drinks (I can’t remember how many measures), and a catfish sandwich later, I too was fully entranced by this new atmosphere. In this review, I scaled back my interest in the food, and appreciated my surroundings more than ever.

By our Pittsburgh standards, Little E’s is unique. As probably one of the few places in Pittsburgh where the steel city resembles New Orleans – it does not disappoint. With free live jazz and delicious meals and drinks, it is hard to go wrong at Little E’s. You’ll find your toes tapping and your face smiling. You can pretend you are drumming up interest in a new hobby, or you can sit back, relax and leave your checkbook at home.

Driving home this point, the overall style of Little E’s was spectacular. The noise level varied between loud conversation and jam session. You can sit close to someone and communicate yet still appreciate your meal. There is no rush or hurry, and you can leave whenever you like. Just as jazz should be.

Forget what you knew about jazz clubs. Either way Little E’s IS where the music matters. So take a trip to Little E’s and hear what I heard. I learned this week that when you need a change, you don’t always have to settle a score – sometimes you just have to duet yourself.

Little E's Jazz & Blues Club in Pittsburgh
Little E's Jazz & Blues Club in Pittsburgh - the interior
Little E's Jazz & Blues Club in Pittsburgh - the stage
Little E's Jazz & Blues Club in Pittsburgh - the stage
Little E's Jazz & Blues Club in Pittsburgh - the sign
Little E's Jazz & Blues Club in Pittsburgh - the sign

Where is Little E’s Jazz & Blues Club?
949 Liberty Avenue (map)
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 392-2217

How much to get in and jam?
“No cover to shows as long as your are eating and/or drinking!! (If only drinking please 2 drink minimum. If not eating or drinking cover is $10.”

Then what can I get to eat?
Check out the menu in pdf form here

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  • Larry

    I’ve been wanting to go to a jazz club in Pittsburgh but had no idea where to go ever since Dowd’s on Ninth (was that the name?) closed. They had slightly overpriced food, but the music was phenomenal. Unfortunately they were ahead of their time, a big problem for businesses in Pittsburgh. Too bad they weren’t open now that the ‘Cultural District’ is flourishing.

  • A reeder

    How many people do you think are going to reed this and think you spelled read wrong?

  • Habitually Right

    Let’s hope their kitchen isn’t as disorganized as their street sign. Or it that sign a good indication of what’s in store for the casual diner?

    • TableforOne

      I never said that musicians had the best handwriting.

      • Habitually Right

        You also never said musicians can cook :p

  • vern glenn

    place has potential but some of the bar servers are rude, slow and not the sharpest pencils in the drawer…a big turn off to an otherwise high potential spot…they need to do a big Archie Bell and the Drells ‘Tighten Up’ on that…Hope so

    • TableforOne

      I agree with your conclusion, but say that you aren’t going to a jazz club for impeccable timing and amazing waitstaff.

      • A. Trumpet

        If people are going for the jazz and the jazz alone, maybe they could go without serving food? There is no excuse for rudeness, especially to a paying customer.

  • Frank

    Not bad service but not great, the bar staff needs to improve customer service a little bit. If you hired one more waiter/waitress and a busboy it would improve customer service a good bit. I liked my Entree, but you need appetizers that feed individuals at the 5.95 to 7.99 level. Your Appetizers feed too many people. You can raise the price of the Soups by a dollar or offer a bowl option for $2 more. This is my third time being here, if you raised the bar on quality about 10-15% people would be raving about your place. The bartenders need to learn how to pour quality drinks faster.

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