Wednesday , 27 May 2015

The Perfect Shirt to Wear at Mad Mex

Guacamole is Extra Shirt
Guacamole is Extra!

We’re huge fans of Mad Mex and Big Burrito in general, but holy guacamole, by now everyone should know it’s $1 extra (and worth every penny)! This tee was at Urban Outfitters and Mad Mex immediately came to mind. It’s not a Pittsburgh owned store, but you can check out Urban Outfitters in the South Side Works, or get the shirt online here.

Speaking of guacamole, if you’re a fan then you have to try to guac at Verde Mexican Kitchen & Cantina in Bloomfield. It’s amazing, and their homemade tortilla chips are out of this world and highly addictive. Words of warning: if you plan on just dropping by, good luck getting a table. You might see a ton of empty seats, but it seems like they hold a lot of them for reservations. Call ahead: (412) 404-8487


  • Legit

    Verde is good but full of themselves. They want it to look like it’s special place where the high society of Pittsburgh make reservations. It’s not. It’s a Mexican restaurant on the border of the ghetto. No thanks, I’ll stick to Mad Mex where they have better beer and they are more down to Earth.

  • westsidepgh

    IF you like Mexican you have to eat the authentic stuff at Gran Agave in Waterfront. Great Tequilla list too.

  • Dean J

    - The “yes I know it’s extra” is definitely based on Chipotle.

    – Verde was rude to my group when we didn’t have a reservation, which was bizarre, as they don’t require reservations. I live two blocks away, and don’t bother going over there due to it.

    • Hambone

      How is this based on Chipotle?

      • Dean J

        If you ask for guacamole at Chipotle – in any city – the employee will ask “that’s $1 extra, is that okay?”

      • Hambone

        Sounds like what they ask at Mad Mex. Either wya I would never wear that shirt.

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