Wednesday , 27 May 2015

Does Pittsburgh Still Love Big Ben? (Poll)

Big Ben Who? Do Steelers fans still love Ben Roethlisberger?
Ben Who? Do Steelers fans still love Ben Roethlisberger?

The Steelers are doing an incredible job so far, despite early concerns about the team’s star quarterback being withheld for the start of the season. Roethlisberger won’t be back on the field until October 17th (vs. Cleveland) and whether or not he deserves it, Big Ben has been called names, abandoned by his fans (at least some of them), and even dissed by Eminem. Plus, if the team does as well against Baltimore (10/3) as they did today in Tampa Bay, the fans might start to accept that  Ben is replaceable. This really puts the big guy in a terrible position, doesn’t it?

Is Pittsburgh over Ben Roethlisberger? Does the Steelers Nation trust that #7 has what it takes to get us to 7.

Our Facebook friends might have the answer…

Does Pittsburgh and the Steelers Nation still love Big Ben?Does Pittsburgh and the Steelers Nation still love Big Ben?

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Michael Sally MichaelSally@BoringPGH Bathroom Ben

Douglas dmase05Make Batch starter :) RT @BoringPGH: Ben who?

Jennifer Mathieson omgitsjenRoethlisberger RT @BoringPGH Ben who?

Craig zenhound@BoringPGH Ben traded

Mary Elizabeth Woll PixieDust61286Let’s just stick with Batch and Dixon! RT @BoringPGH: Ben who?

Aireeeeee Aireeeeee@BoringPGH right! at least Char Char can convert on a 3rd down. :)

Jose Religioso J_ReligiosoRT @BoringPGH: Ben who? (Han ha)

Bo Sonnier Gatorroux2@BoringPGH rotlessbooger

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  • Bruno

    I know one thing for sure is that no one thought we would be 3-0 without Ben.

  • マーガレット

    I think the Steelers would be better off not letting Roethlisberger start as QB right away even though he will be eligible. If this suspension hasn’t made him aware of this already, sitting on the bench a few more games should give him the hint to stop messing around and get his act together if he wants to regain his status.

  • Liz

    Lose him. Batch and Dixon can make the Steeler Nation proud, on and off the field.

  • herb

    what if they kick baltimore’s ass like tampa bay, then ben comes back they get beat by cleveland? that would ruin his career.

    • sjb

      that would be awesome

      • Rorie

        That wouldn’t happen. Pittsburgh will beat Baltimore AND Cleveland no matter who the QB is.

      • Rorie

        And his career wouldn’t be ruined, he is still a great football player. Only his “Steelers career” would suffer. Another team would grab him up in a heartbeat. And they would be lucky too because they would be getting a smarter and more mature Ben Roethlisberger.. who would be hungry to show everyone how great he is in the game.

        Football is a game people! It isn’t life. If he is good at football then stfu and let him do his job. Who cares what he does off the field.

  • Chuck Borowitz

    Ben is still the man, he won’t let us down. And if he does, we have two backups that won’t let us down. The Steelers are probably the only team in the NFL that can say that.

  • rick

    a lot of steeler fans have unfortunately showed the world that we’re just like the rest when big ben is defended the way he has been so blindly…

  • Dean Jackson

    He’s the rapist who makes it seriously embarrassing and awkward to admit to friends in other cities that I’m a Steelers fan. For years, I’ve pointed out to folks that the Rooneys are pretty much the best owners in professional sports, they don’t recruit thugs, and they trade away the bad apples.

    Then this.

    Sounds like I’ll be watching hockey this year.

  • http://ChrisRosella Chris Rosella

    Sports fans are as fickle with their grudges as they are with their infatuations. 7 can expect an…enthusiastic…welcome on 10-17; then, we’ll just have to see what happens. If the team continues to win with him playing, all will be forgiven.
    Remember: no criminal charges were filed. This doesn’t necessarily mean money didn’t change hands somewhere; it could also mean that the 20-year-old in question preferred to stay anonymous; 7 certainly could have afforded a better lawyer if it had come to that.
    What we also know is that 7 has worked hard to redeem himself–signing autographs, kissing babies, coaching high school kids for
    nothing–Steeler fans won’t be happy with anything but wins, of course–all we can do now is, again, see what happens.
    Meanwhile, BRING ON THE RAVENS.

  • QBrant

    Ben who? Nice.

  • E.

    The thing is that Ben isn’t off the field because of his ability throw a football. It’s because of something he did on his free time. People need to chill out and realizes that these guys are football players. Not like they are soldiers or something! What they do on their free time is none of our business. The only reason you even know the guy’s name is because he plays FOOTBALL. It’s not like he did some amazing thing to save the world. We have our priorities way off is the people we worship and obsess over people who know how to throw a ball.

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