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How to Pronounce Shaun Suisham

Boring Pittsburgh implores you to study the audio clip above to learn the correct way to say the name of the placekicker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Despite what you might read on Twitter any given game day, it isn’t “Sushi.” His name is Shaun Suisham. And just because you have absolutely no idea how to tackle that pronunciation, doesn’t mean you can just pick out a few letters and create your own rendition…

How do you think he feels about being named after a raw fish dish? It’s hard enough being a kicker. Kickers are the loneliest members of a football team. They only get a handful of chances to step out on the field, and if the wind suddenly decides to change course, the kicker is heckled by millions of couch potatoes. How do you think that feels to be heckled by a couch potato? Even worse is how everyone thinks the kicker’s job is so easy! It’s not easy, and that’s probably why Jeff Reed always used to wear that Haters Gonna Hate shirt.

It's pronounced Shaun Suisham, dammit!

It's pronounced Shaun Suisham, dammit!

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  • Adam Fletcher

    I don’t care how to say his name as long as his foot gets us points every time.

  • Hambone

    I just call him Sucksam

  • steve

    damn this is messed up for non english speakers that might be really trying to learn how to say players names.