Monday , 25 May 2015

Justin Bieber Saves the Terrible Towel

Ok, we promised you guys no Justin Bieber videos, but this one is for the Terrible Towel – so get over it. Besides, we owe it to ourselves and our paid sponsors this holiday season, because posting anything about Justin Bieber is bound to increase our traffic 10 fold. Increased traffic means more clicks for our sponsors, and they deserve it! The only regret is that we didn’t post this sooner lol.

The Beebs (as Julia Gongaware called him) had a concert in Pittsburgh’s Consol Energy Center on 12/13/2010 and just as he was about to start lip-syncing singing his hit song Baby, he threw a Terrible Towel into a vicious crowd of tweens. A couple of girls  grabbed the towel at the same time and started a war of tug, and before it could rip down the middle, the Beebs stopped his show with a “Yo Yo Yo” and saved the honor of Myron Cope’s black and gold terrycloth legacy. Then the jag-off had to restart the song again because he came down with a case of the laughies.

So before you scroll over to hit the unsubscribe button, search within your heart for an ounce of Steelers pride and understand that we only posted this video because there was a Terrible Towel in it.

And for those of you who don’t know just how cool this cat is, feast your eyes on this!

Justin Bieber performed live at Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh December 13, 2010
Mad skillz.

You couldn’t pull that off if you tried.

  • Fugats


  • Kevin

    That was actually pretty cool of him to stop like that.

  • rick

    i think he was more worried about liability than saving the towel

  • sjb

    … ah what are those shoes? they are bigger than he is

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