Friday , 22 May 2015

Christopher Nolan Spotted Downtown Shoveling Snow

Christopher Nolan spotted Downtown Pittsburgh today? Was he shoveling snow?
Christopher Nolan spotted Downtown today? Was he shoveling snow with Batman?

Since others are passing around a pic on Twitter of Christopher Nolan in Pittsburgh and claiming it was taken today, so we thought we should help them out and at least add some snow to make it more believable.

Nolan and crew weren’t discussing a list of potential filming locations for Batman, they were trying to figure out how to work the snowblower since the damn instructions were in Spanish!

The same pic was shared on our site by Thomas on 2/19/11 – sans snow. Today is 2/22/11 and it’s been blizzarding out there all day! While you’re checking out the original picture, read more about the freeze on the PA Film Production Tax Credit if you haven’t already + our initial report about Dark Night filming in the Burgh. Yinz heard it here first!

The original photo of Christoper Nolan and friends in  Downtown Pittsburgh
The original photo of Christoper Nolan and friends in Downtown Pittsburgh

Boring Pittsburgh presents: Batman in the Burgh

  • Hambone


  • Amy

    I was about to get in my car and drive downtown!

  • Brian Gregory

    Where was that taken?

    • Boring Pittsburgh

      Near the Smithfield Church and Wiener World lol. Right across from that crazy ass parking garage. Streetview Map Here

  • Kate


  • Lisa Moore

    That link didn’t say the photo was from today

    • Pgh Yogi

      It was edited.

  • ZAI

    What moron would say that picture was from today after we just got 8″ of snow !

    • Boring Pittsburgh

      Don’t be a troll :p

  • Sam Oh

    Great job with the snow.

    • Boring Pittsburgh


  • Huge Hefner

    At least Weiner World is getting a ton of free advertising over this.

  • Suzie

    I especially like the little piles of snow on top of everyone’s heads.

    • Mad Eater

      It resembles cupcake icing.

  • Dr john

    fuck you…and jag off comment…boring city…u are lucky to b h

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