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“Elixir” Filming in Schenley Park

Elixir Filming in Schenley Park in Pittsburgh

Elixir Filming in Schenley Park in Pittsburgh

 One Shot “Elixir,” an ABC (Disney) musical production (codeword BOSS) with Chelsea Kane, Jane Seymour, and Sara Paxton is taking over Schenley Park near Phipps Conservatory (behind Carnegie Mellon) for a few days. The crew has set up base camp along Schenley Drive (map), and will be blocking Panther Hollow Bridge traffic throughout the day. It looks like a major production, but if you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of Tom Cruise, you should head to Downtown. Rumor has it that One Shot will be filming around Stanwix Street (map).

Sara PaxtonSara_Paxton
Early morning in Shenley Park Pittsburgh. Coffee, coffee, coffee!!!

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  • missjules17

    So ‘BOSS’ isn’t One Shot? A h h h I thought it was One Shot because of the OS in the middle of BOSS. Sorry for sending the wrong info BP. So what is the secret name for One Shot then?

  • mrjr

    The secret name for “One Shot” is “One Shot”!

  • http://BoringPittsburgh.com Boring Pittsburgh

    Update: Filming in Schenley park is complete. The trailers are all gone.