Skip to about 5:00 in the video above to find out how Boring Pittsburgh was behind a major Hollywood of the East casting agency getting tipped off that Batman: The Dark Knight Rises was going to be filmed in Pittsburgh.

Interview Transcript:

Brian Edwards: Of course Pittsburgh was absolutely dazzled by the arrival of one of the most famous super heros in the world, uh, this is of course Batman. How did this start? Just like anything else, Nolan called you up and said hey we’re coming by next week, by the way Batman’s gonna be with us, got some room?

Nancy Mosser: Well, you know what happened? I remember seeing in the Post-Gazette, a photograph that someone took, of Christopher Nolan, on the street with snow coming down around him, with all these people – these guys gathered around him with clipboards and pictures. And they said, is that Christopher Nolan? Someone spied him on the street.

Brian Edwards: In Pittsburgh?

Nancy Mosser: In Pittsburgh!

The only problem is that the snowy clipboard picture she is referring to wasn’t in the Post-Gazette, it was on Boring Pittsburgh – which means Boring Pittsburgh is how she heard Nolan was in town. Click here to see it in all its glory. Honest mistake, we still love ya, Nancy.

We’re used to it. It’s no secret that in one way or another, we’ve inspired lots of other Pittsburgh blogs and media publications over the years. Some of the movers and shakers in this city read our articles and tweets daily, yet go out of their way not to outwardly acknowledge it or publicly follow our accounts for fear of a six letter word starting with a B.

By the way, props to Brian Edwards and the Burgh Vivant project. Gotta love the martini theme! Is there really vodka in those glasses?