Love and Other Drugs with Jake Gyllenhaal

Hey, Hollywood of the East celebrity stalkers… Love and Other Drugs finally has a trailer!

Check out the coffee shop 48 seconds into the trailer. That’s Buena Vista Coffee! Located at 1501 Buena Vista Street in the North Side. Unlike The Next Three Days trailer which was also recently released, there aren’t many Pittsburgh scenes in this clip – the city skyline (0:27 seconds) isn’t even the Burgh. There weren’t any shots of Jake’s Steelers tattoo in all the shirtless scenes, but we’re sure he has the team in his heart. And how about that Anne Hathaway smile! Some of the whitest teeth you’ll ever see.

The movie will open on November 24th. That means there are two locally filmed movies coming out in the same week – The Next Three Days premieres on November 19th.

Part 2:

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6 thoughts on “Love and Other Drugs with Jake Gyllenhaal”

  1. I heard Anna Hathaway was going to be nude in this move as well . . and by the looks of the trailer, she’s at least going to be topless.

  2. The first scene in the trailer (drinking coffee on the ugly orange couch) and the scene with Anne Hathaway beating Jake Gyllenhaal with her purse were both filmed at the Spectra office building right off of the Wexford exit.

      1. The “driving through fall foliage” scenes might be in Fox Chapel. They were definitely filming somewhere in that area – they used the Shady Side Academy parking lot as a staging area for a few days.

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