Six couples struggle for survival after a massive catastrophe occurs in Pittsburgh.

That is the IMDB storyline for Night Zero, making it sound like Pittsburgh’s version of Love Actually meets War of the Worlds.

Luckily, the trailer fed us just enough zombie action and familiar views of the parkway, Fort Pitt Bridge and PNC Park to make it enticing.

What we can’t figure out is how the Statue of Liberty ended up on the movie poster. After all, this is a story that takes place in the Steel City.

Night Zero Movie Poster Pittsburgh

Did a group of yinzers actually cross a bridge and make it out of the Burgh? Alas, a reviewer on Amazon already rained on that parade:

Nothing ON the cover was IN the “movie”.

With all the “Pittsburgh” in Night Zero, we think a second edition of the movie cover is in order. We’re thinking the Mister Rogers or the Guyasuta/George Washington statues as justifiable options.

As for the other Amazon reviews, they’re a mixed bag. Mostly one and five stars ranging from calling the flick “a total piece of caca,” to being a “great movie with a great cast of characters.” In other words, ignore the reviews.

The 81 minute feature took the production crew about 5 days to film with digital equipment. All of which went occurred about an hour away in Waynesburg, PA.

Writer and director Mark Cantu isn’t new to guerilla-style indie filmmaking like this. He’s been focused on creating movies since 2009 and picked up several awards along the way, specifically at the 48 Hour Film Project in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas. Mark now resides in the Burgh with his family.

“A dinner party turns deadly when a group of friends are trapped inside of their house after a massive alien invasion threatens to take over the world. Things take a turn for the worse when they discover that the chemical the military is using to destroy the aliens is also turning humans into zombie-like savages. Now the group must band together and try to survive the night… if they don’t kill each other first.” –MVD

Night Zero was officially released on December 12, 2017. Boring Pittsburgh learned about it after seeing the following tweet from Night Zero actor Eric Swader.

Hopefully your views of the trailer above will help them out. If you’re really into supporting local indie films, you can buy the DVD.


Upon reading this post, Eric Swader created a new unofficial poster for Night Zero. We think it’s much better than the original. (Dear original cover designer, you do amazing work, but it just isn’t cool to have NYC monuments in a PGH film. Someone probably requested that, so it’s not your fault.)

Check it out!