Hilary Duff Hates Pittsburgh?

Does Hilary Duff think Pittsburgh is boring? Tip sent in by @PantherHollow

Were we right? Is the Burgh just too boring for Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie? No, we still think she likes Pittsburgh – as much as one can like Pittsburgh. But if you were a Hollywood celebrity, would you ditch beautiful blue skies and career opportunities for clouds, snow, and no chance of work? Hell no!

Hilary Duff HilaryDuff – ok! this is getting crazy. no sneaky motives to get mike out of Pitt everybody! he loves it there and cant wait to get back on the ice!

Leave her alone, like Britney! We seriously think she was joking. Have a sense of humor! Because if Pittsburgh doesn’t get over it and stop hating on Lizzy McGuire, we’ll have to change the Who Do You Hate More? Mike Comrie or Jeff Reed? poll to Who Do You Hate More? Hilary Duff or Christina Aguilera?

Hilary Duff HilaryDuff – its a shame that me making a joke in jest, people can twist to sound so negative! p. s. love the burgh too ūüôā

Leave Hilary Duff Alone Right Now!