Taylor Lautner and Pittsburgh: New 'Abduction' Poster!

Taylor Lautner and Pittsburgh: New 'Abduction' Poster!

Check out the Burgh sitting pretty behind Taylor Lautner in the latest version of the “Abduction” movie poster.

It’s safe to assume that the designers read Boring Pittsburgh. Notice how Taylor’s leg is positioned in a way that blocks out the four ugly letters on the Steel Building? Awesome! Let’s hope they maintained that style throughout the entire film. The gorgeous shots of Pittsburgh in the Next Three Days are going to be tough to beat, but we have high hopes for Abduction after the scenes we saw of Lautner speeding across the bridge on a crotch rocket.

PPG Place is clearly the superstar of this picture.

When is the official release date?
Friday, September 23, 2011

Does the poster make you want to see the movie?