Sunday , 26 April 2015

The Next Three Days with Russell Crowe

Here is the official trailer for the upcoming flick The Next Three Days which was filmed all over the city of Pittsburgh with Russell Crowe! Pittsburgh looks absolutely incredible. This definitely looks like a must-see-movie, which means lots and lots of people are going to have a chance to see the beauty of the Burgh, up close and personal on the silver screen. Another good reason why we’re called the “Hollywood of the East”!

Russell Crowe was a pleasure to have in town. Remember when he gave his coat to a homeless fan who rode his bike all the way from New York just to be around the film set? And remember how he biked to and from the set everyday? Oh yeah and best of all was when he went to some local venues to jam to live music.

Check out what Director/Writer Paul Haggis had to say about Pittsburgh (more in the videos below).

I came here to do some research before I wrote it, and so I wrote it for Pittsburgh…Pittsburgh’s great, really, it’s a wonderful town. I didn’t know what to expect, and I really enjoy it, it’s a beautiful town.

Here goes some footage from the actual filming…
just in case you don’t believe it’s really Pittsburgh lol:



Thanks to @gordomandoza for the tip!

Are you going to go see the movie
on November 19th, 2010?

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