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Davon Magwood: Pittsburgh Comic (via @antuksmovement)

His name is Davon Magwood and he’s a local comedian/Pittsburgh personality – if you’re #BurghVerified, then you already know the name. Davon is probably good at many things, but he’ll tell you that he’s especially good at one thing: being random. When the funnyman insisted that we meet up at  his favorite coffee shop in Pittsburgh for this interview, there was a bit of hesitation  (being that we’re not so crazy about their mocha), but alas, we settled and met his request… don’t worry, we let him pay! So get to know Davon Magwood:

What is your Pittsburgh background/bio?

Well, I grew up in the Hill District. I learned at a young age that I lack the ability to censor what I said, which in turn made me a very likable target to my bullies as a kid. I moved to Bloomfield/Lawrenceville before it was cool to do so. I’ve held a lot of local jobs in the area, I usually get drunk and party in local areas that are not the Southside or Station Square. Um, my bio, okay here goes don’t judge me

Is Davon Magwood your real name?

Yeah. Magwood is actually an rare Irish last name or so says this lady who emailed me on Facebook.

How did you get into comedy?

I started doing YouTube vlogs and I saw a couple local shows and just jumped on stage and BAM!

Who inspires you?

My Mother, she’s pretty awesome! She actually did a show with me once, such a wonderful lady.

You hosted a show at the Waffle Shop right?


What was the show about?

It is actually a really neat thing they have going on in East Liberty… I just try to bring people on and chat about local stuff, and it gave me a place to show my videos.

Who are some other local comedians that people should know?

Howard Lester great guy and super funny; Jordan Weeks pretty much an awesome dude all around; Susie Meister is a very funny lady; Jaye Cooper is a funny man. I’m sure i’m going to piss some people off because I didn’t mention them. side note: Most of my Favorite local comics have moved to either LA or NYC….making me the FUNNIEST MAN EVER..in PITTSBURGH..not really.

You are always seen wearing PGH related t-shirts, what’s your favorite shirt?

That is a good question. I try to get my hand on as many local shirts as humaily possible. I believe my favorite shirt is the map of the city in black and yellow (Wiz pun). My Burgh Verified shirt is my new number one though.

What other cities have you performed in the past?

Cleveland, NYC, KC, and a couple places in the cut.

Compared to those places how would you rate the Pittsburgh dating scene?

Pittsburgh’s dating scene isn’t that bad really, there’s someone for everyone in this town.

Where should singles go to mingle in the Burgh?

There are some pretty awesome events that go on around here, I’d say you got to check out Jazz night  at AVA or Get Weird at Remedy if you are into dancing. Or Crazy mocha coffee shops have some pretty yumtasic people that hang out there. (yes, he actually used the word yumtastic)

Where can people usually find you hanging out?

Let’s see, if my home girl Ashley (yinzerparty) is doing something I’m usually at that event because it’s going to be awesome. But I usually get my coffee on at the Crazy Mocha in Lawrenceville because it’s such a nice coffee shop and the owner is a really legit and nice dude. I like to get my beer at Howlers because sometimes I like to get my smoke on and they let me do that. I mean I usually update my twitter to let you know where you can join me and have a beer or a girly drink like whiskey… I’ll stick with the beer.

Do you think Pittsburgh is boring?

It really is not that boring of a city at all! I mean if all the people that hit the South Side or Bar Room actually took the time to go and find events, then they would agree with me. I feel that Pittsburgh has been ready to be a city that is not only hardcore about our sports but hardcore about our music and dance, and art and party scenes… Oh man I hope that I can show you Pittsburgh how I see it!

Davon Magwood and Mayor Luke

Davon Magwood and Mayor Luke

Davon Magwood and Chuck D

Davon Magwood and Chuck D

The Multifaceted Davon Magwood

The Multifaceted Davon Magwood

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