South Side Blitz Public Urination Citation

In light of the recent spell to put a damper on the out-of-control nightlife in the South Side aka The Southside Blitz, Boring Pittsburgh had a brief chat with a yinzer (@BootPrintsCrew) who found himself unexpectedly caught-up in the crackdown. We felt compelled to get this party-animal’s side of the story:

We understand that you were recently a victim of the Southside Blitz? What happened?

Well, my friend came down to pick me up because I was too drunk to drive, and I took a piss before I left, but when we got to her car I had to go again. So I says to her, I says “hold up gotta take a piss.” So I’m over there between a car and a building and I’m relieving myself and next thing I know… WOOP WOOP!! Undercovers roll up. Long story short I got a public urination citation.

Did the officers at least let you finish your business before approaching?

Yeah, they got me when I was just about done, so I shook and everything.

How drunk were you? Was it embarrassing?

Pirate-drunk. And after the night I had, I thought it was funny as heck. The cops were as cool as cops can be, and I’m an army veteran so I know their mentality. So, I says to em, well how much is the fine? And they say like a hundred bucks so I say AHHHH d’worrbaht (translated: don’t worry about it). This ain’t the most expensive piss I’ve ever had. Shout-out Tee Kay! I drunkenly pissed on her MacBook in Philly, but that’s a whole nother story.

Did you get urine on yourself during the bust?

Nah, I don’t think so?

Do you carry a travel size bottle of Purell for times like these?

Maybe I should start.

Where were you partying before this escapade?

222 Ormsby, the best venue and the best people! Signals Midwest, Restorations, and some other bands. I only caught the two named. It was a great show, lotta people! Great scene man I love 222! Then we walked to Dees! Lots o booze.

Will this so-called “blitz” stop you from partying in the Southside?

To be honest, I don’t party much in the Sahside anymore as is. I got a couple spots I like to hit, but for real, the college scene has taken over. Sahside used to be different to me. Friday and Saturday was an influx of college partiers but the area itself and the establishments weren’t catered to Jersey Shore types, or LA types, or NYC uppity types. Some of these bars, it’s like $6 for a beer and none of em carry Iron. WTF? But to answer your question, the “Blitz” has zero impact on me.

If not getting wasted in Southside, what does the city expect young people to do on the weekends for fun?

I don’t know man. I work hard, I play hard too. That’s our people’s deal for real. You can always go to something. Shows, events or something, but there’s always booze. We’re a drinkin tahn.

Tell us a little bit about what you do when not being cited for public urination?

Well, you may or may not know about Boots Printing Company, but we specialize in the fastest apparel screen printing in town. And low minimums (12) so there’s always a steady flow of work. I am also co-owner of the The WRK’n Class.100% American Made goods, top quality and based around the idea of working and what our people did… made this country! New drops coming seasonally and we are having our second annual WRKFEST’13 in May! The greatest artists and musicians, plus our Spring/Summer launch ! And of course loads of cases of iron!!

Where can people usually find you hanging out in the Burgh?

I work a lot! But I’m a bonafide card-carrying member at the Carrick Lit Club, as I said 222 Ormsby is my spot! Tiki Lounge on Wednesday with Todd Cheats and his Punk Rock Jukebox. Besides that, any backstreet shot ‘n beer bar always works!

Do you think Pittsburgh is boring?

Who me? Heck no!

For more information on the Southside Blitz, watch this: