Amazon’s List of Most Well-Read Cities

Pittsburgh #13 on Amazon's Most Well-Read Cities in America List
Pittsburgh #13 on Amazon's Most Well-Read Cities in America List
Pittsburgh #13 on Amazon's Most Well-Read Cities in America List issued a news release the other day that ranked Pittsburgh #13 on a list of the Most Well-Read Cities in America. Yay! Let’s give ourselves a big pat on the back for landing a spot on another bullsh*t list!

Before you get all excited and proud that Pittsburgh made it on this list, just remember, it doesn’t matter how much you read (or how many books you buy and never finish), what matters is the quality of the content you read. Amazon included ALL books, magazines, and newspaper sales in the formula to come up with the list. This means romance novels and travel guides were part of the equation too. Most well-read? Or most money spent ordering books on

Most of the cities in the list have one thing in common… senior citizens. No offense to the elder individuals in the audience, but come on, older people do read a lot. They don’t go clubbing and hanging out with friends until 6 in the morning. They don’t spend all day tweeting and browsing blogs. They sit on their porch swings and read books about the Civil War.

A few more important notes about this list:

  • This is based on Amazon sales and doesn’t include libraries and statistical data from other booksellers.
  • The data is only calculating sales since January 2011 – not even 6 months of information.
  • Only cities with more than 100,000 residents were ranked.

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10 thoughts on “Amazon’s List of Most Well-Read Cities”

  1. Before you diss the romance novels as being part of the equation maybe you need to try writing one and see all the work it takes to finish a book good enough to make major bestseller lists and win big awards the way three local romance authors–Madeline Hunter, Gaelen Foley and Gwen Creedy–have.

    1. Hi Barbara, you are are absolutely right… but we weren’t trying to diss romance novels. Just pointing out that Amazon should not be listing these cities as the most “well-read” based on sales data from their site. Well-read means having read widely and intelligently. Either way, the list is marketing BS like most other Best/Most city lists 😉

  2. A sadder take on this is that it may be a list of cities underserved by bricks and mortar book stores. It is, after all, a list of the biggest areas buying on-line

    1. There are so many empty brick and mortar bookstores in Pittsburgh, one could do a tour around the city based on closed booksellers.

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