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Anthrocon 2010: Furries Are Here

Anthrocon 2010 Pittsburgh Furry Party!
Anthrocon 2010 Pittsburgh Furry Party! (via Xydexx Squeakypony - Anthrocon Publications)

The Anthrocon 2010 convention in Pittsburgh has begun! That’s right, our fun-loving furry friends have arrived in the Burgh.You might have already seen some Furries running around the city… because the party started Thursday. But don’t worry, the fun will continue through June 27th!

Anthrocon is the largest celebration of anthropomorphism in the world. Anthropom-what?!  Anthropomorphism, or the fascination with human-like animal characters (otherwise known as anthropomorphics). Anthrocon actually started in Albany in 1997, but they have established a base in Pittsburgh since 2006. The group considered other cities, but since Pittsburgh is more affordable and more accommodating to the furries, it looks like they are here to stay!

Not only is the convention a fun gathering for furry fans to meet and share their interests, Anthrocon also raises money for animal related charities every year. For example, in 2009, they were able to raise nearly $9,000 for Animal Rescue League Wildlife Rehabilitation. Other charities before that included Animal Friends, Pittsburgh Parrot Rescue, Canine Partners for Life, etc. This year, the donations will go to Fayette Friends Of Animals.

Anthrocon has selected Fayette Friends Of Animals to be our beneficiary for 2010. They are a no-kill dog & cat rescue in Uniontown, PA with shelter facilities and adoption programs. They will be at the Charity Auction and will also have a table in the Dealers’ Room where you can meet them and some of their animal friends.

This is one of the most interesting and exciting events we’ve ever had the opportunity to write about. If you want to join the fun, check out the full schedule of Anthrocon 2010 Events!

Check back here for more updates throughout the weekend :)

When is Anthrocon 2010?
From Thursday, June 24 – Sunday, June 27

Where is the convention?
David L. Lawrence Convention Center (map)
1000 Fort Duquesne Boulevard
Pittsburgh, Pa 15222

Who can I call for more info?
Anthrocon Operations Hotline – 832-387-6771

How much does it cost to get in?
$50 for a weekend pass or $25 for a day pass

Caracal Character at Anthrocon in Pittsburgh
Caracal Character at Anthrocon in Pittsburgh (via dmuth - Anthrocon Operations)
Anthrocon 2010 in Pittsburgh
Anthrocon Convention in Pittsburgh (via dmuth - Anthrocon Operations)
Anthrocon Convention Giant Chess Game in Pittsburgh
Giant Furry Chess Game (via dmuth - Anthrocon Operations)
Pile of Furries at Anthrocon in Pittsburgh
Pile of Furries at Anthrocon in Pittsburgh (via dmuth - Anthrocon Operations)
Anthrocon Convention in Pittsburgh - Furries lined up checking out the view of the city!
Furries lined up checking out the view of Pittsburgh! (via dmuth - Anthrocon Operations)
Furries $3 Million Cash Cow for City Businesses! Newspaper article.
Furries $3 Million Cash Cow for City Businesses! (via dmuth - Anthrocon Operations)

Check out the video below from Anthrocon 2009

Some of the buildings in the beginning should look familiar!


For those of you who couldn’t make it to Anthrocon 2010 (or, just feel more comfortable watching from a distance) here is a collection of videos from the event.

  • Hannah

    My friends and I want to go, does it cost any money to get in?

    • Boring Pittsburgh

      It does cost money, Hannah, but it’s totally worth it! $25 for a day pass or 50 bucks for the entire weekend. The money goes to a good cause, too.

      • Hannah


  • Gervil

    I’ll be there on the last day of the event. Anyone else?

  • Nevermind

    I heard people said this whole thing was pretty weird and the people who dress up as animals are freaky. But deep inside, most people probably wish they could find the courage to come out of their shells and do fun things like this. How is it any different than going to a sports game and getting excited over a giant parrot or another mascots? At least the furry people are living out their dreams instead of watching from the sidelines like sports fans.

  • burghliving

    OK – is it just me – or does the first photo look like a deleted scene from “Where the Wild Things Are”, you know, the one where they go to the rave after they drop all the acid……

    • Steve

      I couldnt remember what it reminded me of, but you are right! I was thinking the same thing.

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  • Douglas Muth

    Hey there, I’m glad you found so many of my photos useful! Here’s my set of 400+ photos from this year’s Anthrocon convention:


    • Boring Pittsburgh

      Hi dmuth! Thanks for commenting on our site. Your pics were more than useful. Surely they made our readers want to experience Anthrocon for themselves. We’re very thankful that you opened them up for Creative Commons and it was nice to bring attention to the fact that you are head of Anthrocon Operations. Thanks again, see you next year!

  • raven

    gotta admit i thought it was a little strange at first but after seeing the videos it looks like a lot of fun. i will try to get some friends to go next year and if they won’t go with me i’ll just go myself and make some new friends hehe

  • http://ninjakitty092 Ninja Fox

    Wow im on steam.

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  • Xydexx

    It’s always fun coming to Anthrocon in Pittsburgh every year!

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