Sunday , 24 May 2015

Anthrocon Ranked 3rd Weirdest Convention in the World

Anthrocon Furries

Our good friends over at Anthrocon have been added to an important list! You guys know we usually hate lists around here, but this one is pretty interesting: 13 Of The Weirdest Conventions From Around The World. The anthropomorphic convention came in at number 3! They were just below the Celebrity Impersonator Convention and Twins Days. Why in the world BuzzFeed chose those two over Anthrocon is beyond us, but hey… at least the furries flushed the World Toilet Summit & Expo down the drain with the rest of the weird cons.

Join over 5,000 people at Anthrocon 2013 held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center from July 4-7. This year the theme is The Fast and the Furrious.

  • Randy

    Celebrity impersonations and twins sound like boring conventions. Anthrocon is weirder than them by far. The toilet one and steampunk world fair are weird though I have to admit.

  • A. Brunette

    I thought the Redhead Day was weirder. Redheads freak me out.

  • Mongoose

    Obviously we need a few suiters to be Furry versions of Mary-Kate and Ashley. Then we’ll be #1!

    (To note: I’ve seen ‘twin’ fursuits. Even after you realize it’s just someone stitched the same thing twice, it still breaks your brain.)

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