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Batman Filming in Pittsburgh, Blah, Blah, Blah

Boring Pittsburgh is the Batman of the Burgh

Batman of the Burgh

We would’ve made a huge announcement today about how director Chris Nolan will be in town filming ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ in Pittsburgh…but you already know since we told you all the way back in February! pretty much started the rumors in the first place, so we decided to give the other local media sources an opportunity to regurgitate old news for a few days so that they might get a few extra hits on their pages :)

When will they start filming?
Christopher Nolan said:  “…I am excited to spend the summer in Pittsburgh…”

So the film tax credit freeze was lifted?
Yes. It will remain at the current $60 million.

When does Batman: The Dark Knight Rises come out in theaters?
July 20, 2012

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Who can I stalk?

Who needs Batman when you have Boring Pittsburgh?

Boring Pittsburgh presents: Batman in the Burgh

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  • Green Hornet

    I have an inkling that boringPGH is also PGHbatman on Twitter…

    • Jenna

      It has to be @BoringPgh because that account is following mostly #BurghVerified tweeps.

    • Boring Pittsburgh

      No it is not us.

  • june

    crazy i can’t believe they are actually going to turn pittsburgh into gotham city. this makes me want to move back home.

  • Snarkalark

    BP, Great job on getting the word out about the film tax credit freeze. You are partly to thank for The Dark Knight coming.

    • Boring Pittsburgh

      Thank you very much for the kind words, but our readers and tip-submitters deserve all the thanks.

  • zzzZzzz

    I love the BPGH bat signal pic. How did you do that?

    • Boring Pittsburgh

      It was an actual photograph of the city calling on us to save it from boredom. The photographer is undisclosed.

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