Sunday , 24 May 2015

Batman to Blow Up the Civic Arena?

Batman Dark Knight will blow up the Civic Arena on film?
Batman Dark Knight will blow up the Civic Arena on film?

The picture above is an artistic rendition of what it could look like if the destruction of the Civic Arena happens on a Hollywood budget. There is brewing speculation that one reason Batman: The Dark Knight Rises ultimately chose Pittsburgh as a shooting location is because there may have been a top-secret arrangement to incorporate the demolition of the dome into the film.

Speculation is the SEA, Gov. Corbett and the PFO arranged to allow Nolan to blow up the Civic Arena as part of a key sequence in The Dark Knight Rises.   In so doing, the PFO guaranteed the projected blockbuster would carry a Pittsburgh label and helped secure its budget, the SEA washed its hands of a liability and the new governor, while still overseeing the project, has someone else pay for the destruction of the Civic Arena.

Read the full article: Did collusion, explosion of Civic Arena, bring BATMAN to town?

If the Igloo is bound to be leveled, it would be more fun watching it on a Batman DVD than crappy iPhone videos on YouTube. However, it’s unnerving if the deal outlined above truly was sealed behind closed doors. Why wouldn’t they just let us know their intentions? It’s not like we won’t see in a couple months time…

The Dark Knight Rises, why is Batman really coming to Pittsburgh?
The Dark Knight Rises, why is Batman really coming to Pittsburgh?

Boring Pittsburgh presents: Batman in the Burgh

  • Boring Pittsburgh

    Thanks to Dragon_316ca for the tip :)

  • PGH Filmer

    Agree. I hate to see the Civic Arena go, but if it’s going to happen, it would be great to see it as part of a major movie project like this.

  • Josh Michaels

    The DVD should have a special feature about the history of the igloo!

    • Boring Pittsburgh

      Excellent idea!

      What do you think Mr. Nolan?

  • DJ Coffman

    I too hate to see the Mellon go. (I call it the mellon, dammit)- but at least it will be immortalized on film!… oh, wait… there was already Sudden Death with Dolph Lundgren…

    • Boring Pittsburgh

      Link not working…

  • DJ Coffman

    Hahahah… I said Dolph Lundgren when I meant Jean Claude… SAME THING! hahahah

  • Warren

    Oh come on, you didn’t think they would just let the old arena sit there forever did you?

  • Humble Pie


  • zether

    Hmmm, how do i get that job?

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  • Smartin Pitt

    This yinzer wet dream has already been debunked:

    Besides, the current sophistication of special effects negates picking up the cost, not to mention the potential liability in the event of accident, of actually destroying the building for the film.

    • Blow it up

      Just like they denied that Batman was even considering filming here, they are also denying the plan to use the Igloo. But hey, look.. Batman IS filming here. So there’s a 50% chance the rumors are true.

  • Boring Pittsburgh
  • Gervil

    What are they “furious” about? The defensiveness makes me think the rumor is true and they are hiding something.

  • Katjakauff

    I think Batman is hating on the wrong “Penguin(s).”

  • TennesseeT

    Wow I really like the explosion photos in this one! You guys in Pittsburgh must be really excited about Batman coming to town! I know I would be but I’m stuck in a town more boring than Pittsburgh could ever be.

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