Bumper Bike Dude is back in PittsburghBoring Pittsburgh is a huge fan of Bumper Bike Dude (Aaron Isaiah Massengill) and we’re happy to see him back on the road! His car bike idea is brilliant, especially because it forces cars to drive around him with a safe passing distance. Aaron is one of the nicest cyclists in the Burgh, and Pittsburgh is lucky to have him. If you see BBD be sure to say what’s up!

An uplifting quote from Bumper Bike Dude:

…I wanna say thank you to a whole bunch of people out there that’s been going through the struggle and remember, when I have a gift, you all have a gift. And don’t ever let nobody bring you down out there. There’s people out there struggling and striving, hang in there, just pray, and believe in the heart, and all the miracles, whatever you want, they come in store and will come true to you and all that live here in this whole entire atmosphere. Thank you all.