Virginia's 5.0 earthquake felt in Pittsburgh on 8-23-11

Virginia's 5.0 earthquake felt in Pittsburgh on 8-23-11

That wasn’t an extra large person running past your office just now. According to the US Geological Survey maps, that was a magnitude 5.9 earthquake that shook Pittsburgh all the way from Louisa, Virginia. Check out the official earthquake report.

Has Pittsburgh ever experienced an earthquake before?
Yes! John sent us this excerpt from the Post Gazette:

The most severe seismic event in this area occurred on Sept. 25, 1998 and measured a magnitude of 5.2, with its epicenter in the Greenville-Jamestown area of Western Pennsylvania. It was felt as far away as Illinois, New Jersey and Ontario, Canada, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

At around 2pm, we received messages from readers who experienced the shakes and twitter has the #Pittsburgh #Earthquake tweets to confirm it. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Point Park University even evacuated their buildings!

BryanPittScript – Wow. Earthquake in Pittsburgh? Either that or Cloverfield emerged from the Mon.

Deanna Ferraridferrari – Just felt our building SHAKE.
in Pittsburgh?

Alex Carrollcarrollalex – The Art Institute of Pittsburgh was evacuated today because of the earthquake. How pretentious of them.

Wm CostantinicostantiniwmEarthquake Va 5.8 felt here in Pittsburgh. Or was that all the students moving in.

Cara Rufenachtcararufenacht – Just experienced my first #earthquake – in #Pittsburgh I could do without a repeat of that experience

Frank OberlitnerNittany99 – I survived the Pittsburgh flood, rock slide, and earthquake of August 2011. Hurricane next? #Pgh #earthquake

Rick Graythumpergray – Who would have thought feeling an earthquake in Pittsburgh would have been the most notable moment of my Tuesday…..SO FAR.

Amy Stelloamyzed530 – Where’s #batman when you need him? #pittsburgh #earthquake

phatheadphathead – Pretty sure this earthquake is just nature’s response to the Pittsburgh Pirates flirting with .500 and a division lead this season

Rob JohnstonRobOnTheRun – I think Christopher Nolan left his earthquake machine in Pittsburgh#HolyEarthquakeBatman!

ProgressPAC PAProgressPAC – The frickin’ #frackers are doing “seismic testing” & drilling from NJ to Pittsburgh,WV to NY. Couldn’t produce an #earthquake,now, could it?

Brian SteinmillerSteinySaidit – Well it looks like I experienced my first earthquake today. Pittsburgh hid me from natural disasters for 23 years prior

L PedL_Ped – Buildings in Pittsburgh were evacuated? It really don’t take much to cause panic amongst yinzers. #earthquake

Tim Scheifele TScheifele1 – Starting a Pittsburgh earthquake relief fund, send all donations directly to my house. #cashonly

We asked the question in the forums:
Where were YOU during the earthquake?