Donald Trump at Eat'n Park in Pittsburgh While Donald Trump was campaigning in Pittsburgh yesterday, he and Rudy Giuliani stopped at Smiley Cookie err… Eat’n Park for some treats. (via Facebook)

What could have been a happy day for Eat’n Park turned into 11.3 million Facebook followers thinking there is a place called Smiley Cookie.

All we know is that Mr. Trump better be careful throwing that term arahnd! The place known for smiles is also known for suing anyone peddling cookies with “confusingly similar” smiley faces.

It’s hard not to feel bad for Eat’n Park. A massive marketing opportunity just went down the tubes because someone typed the wrong name. We wrote a haiku for them:

Free advertising Flushed down the toilet, good bye. Smiley is frowning

Was it too good to be true or a blessing in disguise? Guess it depends on which candidate you’re leaning towards.

Either way, they sold a few dozen cookies and got a free Boring Pittsburgh post out of the ordeal!

By the way, isn’t it interesting that the trademarks used by your hometown favorite are actually owned by a Delaware corporation?

Photo credit: daveynin