Dozen Cupcakes opens a shop on South Craig Street in Oakland

Dozen Cupcakes is opening a shop on S. Craig St. in Oakland

The rumor about frozen yogurt going to South Craig Street has been cleared up. Dozen Cupcakes has come out of the closet and announced they are the new business moving in next to Starbucks! But don’t worry, there’s still Sweet Berry in Oakland, which serves some of the best all natural frozen yogurt you’ll ever taste.

Hey Oakland: are you ready for desert?

This actually makes more sense. The size of the space would have been much too small for fro-yo, even if it were self-serve. Dozen Bake Shop is already experienced running successful operations out of small locations (Squirrel Hill for example). They are going to do some great business on Craig Street. Imagine grabbing a cupcake and heading over to Starbucks or Kiva Han for a coffee (although Dozen will probably sell coffee as well, so that’s a third choice for caffeine).

We would have released an official plea to Dozen with such requests as “stay open later” and “don’t be boring”… but it’s probably not in their business plan to become a late-night cupcake-binge college-kid hang-out. And cupcakes are already pretty fun (especially with Johnny Cupcakes around). But despite the hours (which we don’t even know yet), it’s cool that a young, fresh, socially responsible business is debuting on Craig Street. Bright and uplifting colors, trendy eats, and hopefully friendly staff is a good start. Right, Oakland?

The new store will feature all of Dozen’s usual cupcakes, baked goods and sandwiches. Owners James Gray and Andrew Twigg hope to have the new store open by the end of August. – Pitt News

Dozen Cupcakes says: Hey Oakland are you ready for desert?

The pictures you see here are not real. They are an inartistic rendition of what it will look like when Dozen Cupcakes really opens on S. Craig Street.

Dozen Cupcakes comes to South Craig Street in Oakland

Dozen Cupcakes comes to South Craig Street in Oakland

Is Dozen the Crazy Mocha of Cupcakes?