A video on Twitter showed East Pittsburgh police shooting at suspects as they ran away, resulting in the confirmed death of a minor.

East Pittsburgh is not the City of Pittsburgh.

For many Pittsburghers, there isn’t much of a difference between Pittsburgh, East Pittsburgh, east of Pittsburgh or lowercase east Pittsburgh.

Residents in these outer boroughs identify with being Pittsburghers despite not having vast bike lanes or being able to vote in city elections.

If East Pittsburgh was called Town of Westinghouse, most people would still be saying “Pittsburgh” because it’s located in the Pittsburgh region.

Let’s Be Clear!

When there is a shooting in East Pittsburgh, we need to be clear that it wasn’t in the city. When we talk about Kennywood, we should also be clear that it’s in West Mifflin, not Pittsburgh. Likewise, the Pittsburgh International Airport is not actually in Pittsburgh, it’s in Moon Township.

Interesting Fact: East Pittsburgh is close enough to Pittsburgh that PAT buses have routes there.

The Importance of Border Control

There are good reasons to draw a distinction between a town like East Pittsburgh and the City of Pittsburgh during a tragedy like this. The police departments are different. The politicians are different. The policies are different.

And we all know the current mayoral administration to be obsessive about social media and garnering press for Pittsburgh, so it’s not surprising for them to jump in the sandbox with sticks.

However, drawing lines in the sand is one thing, but it turned into a complete #wtfpgh moment when the mayor asked for the tweet to be deleted:

The mayor understandably was avoiding an avalanche of negative media and angry citizens demanding answers for a police shooting that didn’t happen in his jurisdiction.

It Didn’t Go Over Well

Dear Top Ten Lists and Amazon

It’s not fair for the wrongdoings of East Pittsburgh authorities to cause backlash against the City of Pittsburgh. None of us can help the fact that the town is part of the Pittsburgh region and happens to be officially named East Pittsburgh.

East Pittsburgh has been known by that name for over 100 years and it hasn’t cause any huge misunderstandings thus far – at least not that we know of. Don’t hold this one against us!

Where is the Post-Gazette Editorial Cartoonist When You Need Him?

Rob Rogers should make a cartoon about this. We heard he’s not much of a collaborator, but here’s an idea: Amazon mistakenly setting up their new headquarters in… East Pittsburgh.


The Victim

The victim was 17 years old. His name is Antwon Rose. He was a student at Woodland Hill School District.

Mayor of Pittsburgh’s Official Statement:

Meanwhile in East Pittsburgh

The mayor of East Pittsburgh has refused to comments to the press so far.

Protests on Electric Ave in East Pittsburgh 6/20/18

Click here for a map

Protests at the Allegheny County Courthouse 6/21/18

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