Wednesday , 27 May 2015

East Side Borders Closing, Bookstore Bankrupt

Borders in East Side closing due to bankruptcy
Borders in East Liberty closing due to bankruptcy

Borders officially filed for bankruptcy and they are closing about 30% of their stores. The East Side Borders is one of those 200 stores scheduled to close.

Pittsburgh is losing bookstores left and right. First Barnes and Noble, then the much-loved Joseph-Beth Booksellers closed twice, and now, the last remaining big box bookstore in the city, Borders in East Liberty.

Besides Whole Foods, Borders in East Side is one of the components to the transition from East Liberty to “East Side.” Target will open a couple blocks away, but what could possibly go in the Borders space? Nothing comes to mind. Look at the storefront between Borders and the liquor store… vacant since the the complex was built.

Now this city has an huge empty bookstore on Murray Ave in Squirrel Hill; a huge empty bookstore on Carson Street in South Side; and a huge empty bookstore on Centre Ave in East Side. BORING! The next time a big box department store enters the Pittsburgh market, they should be forced to occupy an existing empty commercial space, instead of getting permits and approval to build more and more buildings that are left behind when they decide to close.

They told their employees not to talk about it? Yes, don’t talk about the fact you’re losing your job. What a joke.

Borders in East Side closing due to bankruptcy
Borders in East Side closing due to bankruptcy

Which Borders stores will close?
East Liberty (the only big bookstore in the city!)
Monroeville Mall
Bethel Park

Which Border stores will remain open?
Northway Mall in North Hills (map)
Pittsburgh Mills (map)

Where to get books in Pittsburgh after Borders closes?

Damn, that was a cozy place to read for free!

  • Grizzly

    Gotta love how Pittsburghers call it Barnes and Nobles with an S.

  • Jamie

    You are absolutely right. What in the world would possibly open in that location?

    • Nikki

      How about a sports store? Dicks or similar? Would work well with Wholefoods/ the gyms etc

      • PGH Filmer

        Nikki, that is a great idea! By the way, do you know if the Borders completely closed now? Or, are they still having a sale?

  • Anna E.

    The Borders in east side is my favorite bookstore…. :(

  • marven82

    I wonder if they are going to have a big sale before those stores get closed down.

  • Pierce

    They told their employees not to talk about it? With threat of what? Getting fired?

  • Doug Sab

    This is one of those Social Media predicaments. I don’t like that Borders is closing, but I want to click the FB like button to share with my wall.

  • Stephenson

    So Eastside is going downhill before the rest of the area is finished being developed? This is horrible for the “transition” as you eloquently put it.

  • Pissed off reader

    Does anyone happen to know if they started liquidating yet? And if so what are the discounts so far? Thanks

  • Boring Pittsburgh

    Yes they started liquidating this weekend. Everything is 20-40% off. Magazines were 40% off. Most of the books were at 20%.

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  • http://www.kristaroman.blogspot Krista

    There is a B&N at Waterworks but I buy my books either online (Amazon) or at Borders in the North Hills. North Hills doesn’t have a B&N which always makes me scratch my head.

    • Hampton

      But there is a Borders in North Hills isn’t there? And a Half Price books.

  • Hampton

    Are they still open? I drove past yesterday and still saw books on shelves in the window…

  • Boarders
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