Port Authority, Faster, Smarter, Better? WTF?

Port Authority, Faster, Smarter, Better? WTF?

Seeing this banner on the side of the Pittsburgh City Paper site while reading Transit cuts usher in “a very, very dark day in Port Authority history is definitely filed under WTF. Seriously, let’s hope that ad space is about to run out because it’s the epitome of ironic. That is on the verge of being false advertising – at least in relation to the article.

Let’s just do a quick rundown of Lauren Daley‘s piece:

  • Public transit fare will be increased (not better)
  • 35% of the service routes will be cut (not faster, not better)
  • 500 workers will lose their jobs (not smarter, not better)
  • $47.1 million outside of their budget (not smarter)
  • 50+ neighborhoods to lose service (not faster, not smarter, not better)
  • Cutting 15,000 daily riders (not smarter, not better)
  • 5,000+ people will probably start driving to work Downtown (not faster)

Meanwhile, bus drivers continue to drive dangerously close to car and bikers. People waiting at bus stops continue to be passed up by buses that refuse to stop. People still talk way too loud on their cell phones and stand in front of you with their crotch in your face (that’s not the Port Authority’s fault, but it still sucks).

The Port Authority wants a big cash injection by state lawmakers (and we’re not saying they don’t need it) but is it possible that they were not as smart as they claim with their strategic business planning? Is it possible that they could explore new ways to make more people want to use their services? Is it possible that the bus riders in this city have always been taken for granted and the public transportation system could use a serious overhaul?

It’s probably true that the state Legislature is the greater of the two evils here. Everyone is freaking out, so naturally fingers are pointing and waving all over the place. But regardless of whose fault it is, the middle one is the finger being raised to the people of Pittsburgh. One thing for sure, those PAT ads need to go.

Good thing the Burgh just landed a 100/100 Walk Score! Now we can all find out how accurate that rating really is.

As of January 2011, Zone 1 fares will cost $2.25 and Zone 2 will be $3.25. At the same time, the price of transfers will be bumped up to $1.

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