Sunday , 24 May 2015

FourSquare: Pittsburgh is 3rd Rudest City in the World

Pittsburgh ranked the 3rd Rudest City on foursquare
Pittsburgh ranked 3rd Rudest City on foursquare

Finally a ranking that makes sense. Kidding! But seriously, FourSquare recently released some analytics data that ranked Pittsburgh as the 3rd rudest city… in the WORLD. The criteria for this query was based on how often tips in each city contained swear words.

They were just playing around as an example while showing everyone the technical aspects of their data mining capabilities. This can’t possibly be accurate. If it were, Pittsburgh would be No. 1 as usual. Kidding again.

Manchester, UK ranked as the #1 most rude city in the world. But don’t we use different curse words than them? Depending on what constitutes a curse word in the eyes of the FourSquare programmers is what judges the outcome of the averages calculated. Right?

But whatever, FourSquare is obviously a bunch of Packers fans anyway, so this ranking is probably biased to some extent.

Comments by Pixburghers:

As a Pittsburgher this is incredibly insulting. Swearing does not equal rudeness. Swearing is often used, to quote Sponge Bob, as a “sentence enhancer,” as in – “That was the best f@ck!ng sushi I ever had.” Please reveal a little more about your data analysis… what words did you look for? Did you consider context? Given that Pittsburgh was just declared the best place to live in the US — from a global perspective — I seriously question whether we are the rudest. “Pittsburgh is best place to live…” says Economist Intelligence Unit.

This commenter also made a great point that if the search included the Super Bowl, it could skew the results.

Pittsburgh is one of the friendliest cities in the US…people say to me all the time that they can’t believe how friendly the people are here

It’s amazing that people find Pittsburghers to be friendly people just because they’re willingness to stop and give directions.

What does this mean?

It means that from now on, every time you check-in on FourSquare, be sure to include a swear word in the text:

  • Bout to get marshmallows and cupcakes up in this b*tch (I’m @ Pgh Public Market)
  • I don’t even read, but these book are f*cking cheap! (I’m @ Borders, East Side)
  • Laughing my f*ckin ass off at this sh*t on (I’m @ home)
  • Motherf*cking just drive assh*les! (I’m @ Parkway 376 East)
  • BORED AS F*CK!!!!1 (I’m @ Pittsburgh, PA)

Tip by @WikiChen

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  • F-Bomb

    fuck foursquare

  • Amie

    That’s stupid. Not many people swear when they check in a place. And since when does swearing constitute being rude? Sometimes it’s an expression of being excited, angry, surprised, etc.

  • Jeremy Burgess

    Foursquare must be a bunch a jag-offs! I wanna know what kinda shit is goin down in Bloomington-fuckin-Indiana?!

  • Ryan

    ‘em Manchester jags must really know how to f*ck!n’ swear n’at!

  • Yinzy


  • Della Selner

    geez, foursquare needs to learn yinzer, really. yinzer without frakin cursing is like salad without french fries, just not the same.

    • Boring Pittsburgh

      Like roads without potholes.

  • rick

    bunch of muppets

  • hehjvgebg

    pittsburgh is is a very rude city IMO

  • TheRaider

    Pittsburgh is one of the rudest cities in the world. #1 in my opinion. They’re racists as hell and they don’t bite their tongue especially if you’re black. Don’t get me wrong, not everyone is racist in this town, but i’d say 90% (White People) are. And even my own Black People hate each other in this city (90%). So for anyone who is visiting this city and you think because someone gives you directions, that qualifies this city for being one of the most friendliest cities, then you got it all twisted. I’m from Los Angeles, CA and they’re racist out their too. But out hear, it’s ten times worse. The police automatically show how racist they are. And if you’re black and confident with goals to reach and a male at that, this city is set for you to fail. I’d say to any black man trying to succeed in a career and plan on moving to Pittsburgh to pursue it, Don’t come here. This city is designed for you to fail. So yeah, this city does in fact have the most rudest people in the world. The only time people act like brothers and sisters in this city is when the Steelers win the Superbowl. Oh Yeah, let me make sure my grammar is on point so no pittsburgher judges my intelligence. They also think they’re the smartest as well. Just speaking from my experience living here.

  • DarkVoid

    Sounds accurate. People from the Pittsburgh metro area are incredibly selfish and rude. All you have to do is drive in the area to get a first hand experience – A turn signal is unheard of when changing lanes, people cut in front of your car whenever they please, if you’re doing the speed limit or 10 over in the RIGHT lane expect to be tailgated. There is fucking garbage all the city. It almost looks like India.

    Yes – rude drivers exist everywhere, but it’s an epidemic in Pittsburgh and it says a lot about the people living there.

  • SayGoodbye

    I grew up in Pittsburgh for 14 years, and it wasn’t until I left that I realized how rude people Pittsburgh were. I now live in Los Angeles, and the service here in LA compared to Pittsburgh is much nicer. In general there is this sense of depression in the city and the attitude of the people reflect it. Rude.

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