Pittsburgh ranked the 3rd Rudest City on foursquare

Pittsburgh ranked 3rd Rudest City on foursquare

Finally a ranking that makes sense. Kidding! But seriously, FourSquare recently released some analytics data that ranked Pittsburgh as the 3rd rudest city… in the WORLD. The criteria for this query was based on how often tips in each city contained swear words.

They were just playing around as an example while showing everyone the technical aspects of their data mining capabilities. This can’t possibly be accurate. If it were, Pittsburgh would be No. 1 as usual. Kidding again.

Manchester, UK ranked as the #1 most rude city in the world. But don’t we use different curse words than them? Depending on what constitutes a curse word in the eyes of the FourSquare programmers is what judges the outcome of the averages calculated. Right?

But whatever, FourSquare is obviously a bunch of Packers fans anyway, so this ranking is probably biased to some extent.

Comments by Pixburghers:

As a Pittsburgher this is incredibly insulting. Swearing does not equal rudeness. Swearing is often used, to quote Sponge Bob, as a “sentence enhancer,” as in – “That was the best f@ck!ng sushi I ever had.” Please reveal a little more about your data analysis… what words did you look for? Did you consider context? Given that Pittsburgh was just declared the best place to live in the US — from a global perspective — I seriously question whether we are the rudest. “Pittsburgh is best place to live…” says Economist Intelligence Unit.

This commenter also made a great point that if the search included the Super Bowl, it could skew the results.

Pittsburgh is one of the friendliest cities in the US…people say to me all the time that they can’t believe how friendly the people are here

It’s amazing that people find Pittsburghers to be friendly people just because they’re willingness to stop and give directions.

What does this mean?

It means that from now on, every time you check-in on FourSquare, be sure to include a swear word in the text:

  • Bout to get marshmallows and cupcakes up in this b*tch (I’m @ Pgh Public Market)
  • I don’t even read, but these book are f*cking cheap! (I’m @ Borders, East Side)
  • Laughing my f*ckin ass off at this sh*t on BoringPittsburgh.com (I’m @ home)
  • Motherf*cking just drive assh*les! (I’m @ Parkway 376 East)
  • BORED AS F*CK!!!!1 (I’m @ Pittsburgh, PA)

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